LASD Spokesman Says All Ranks Held To Same Standards

In case you missed it, back in 2015 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Assistant Sheriff Mike Rothans was forced to resign (retire early) because he purchased a stolen vehicle from a county-contracted tow service.

Sheriff McDonnell appeared to try to save him for a few days but when the media didn’t move on, Rothans suddenly had to go.

Do we think it’s likely a lowly deputy sheriff would have been given the benefit of such a doubt?  LASD’s then-PIO and (per the Los Cerritos Newspolitical operator Keith Swensson does:

“The outcome was decided by Mike when he decided to retire,” Swensson said. “That said, there is no question that the sheriff holds everyone accountable at every rank equally.”

Isn’t there, though?

How then to explain department higher-ups being promoted and defended by the sheriff despite being on the Brady List with judgment and integrity issues?

By the way, who knew LASD had a sworn “lobbyist” in Sacramento and D.C?

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