Witness LA Interviews Sheriff Candidate Alex Villanueva

In case you missed it, Witness LA recently interviewed candidate to replace Jim McDonnell as Sheriff–Alex Villanueva.

Says Villanueva:


When McDonnell was elected he had one mandate and one mandate only, which was to change the game, reform the department, and inspire people to do their best to serve the public. But he didn’t do it. Arrests are down. We’re not seeing proactive police activity. Deputies don’t feel that management supports them any more. Crime is up. For the first time in the history of the department we lost a contract due to incompetence, which was the MTA contract.

McDonnell inherited a cancer patient, terminal Stage 4. And he applied cosmetic surgery. That does not get the job done. Instead we got new brass buttons, brass buckles, and new logos on the radio cars.

Everyone expected Jim McDonnell to clean house. But he didn’t do that.

So, now everyone’s head is down. The morale of the employees is not good. There’s no pride in the organization. Everyone is walking on eggshells.”

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