Month: October 2017

Yet Another LASD Supervisor Implicated In Demanding Sex From Subordinates, the Public or Prisoners

Yet another LASD supervisor under the command of beleagured Sheriff Jim McDonnell has been implicated in demanding sex from subordinates, the public or prisoners.  Maya Lau from the Los Angeles Times has the story.

The case was first broken by investigative reporter Celeste Fremon at Witness LA.

Sheriff McDonnell Lies To Associated Press About Deputies Not Capturing Uses of Force on Personally-Owned Body Cameras

The Associated Press recently reported that due to Sheriff McDonnell’s slowness to enact a body cam program, thousands of individual deputies have bought and deployed their own cameras.  Faced with questions about the controls around deputies’ personal cameras, the sheriff apparently lied and stated that no uses of force had been recorded via personal cameras.

“Deputies have never captured any use-of-force incidents or fatal shootings on personally owned body cameras, McDonnell said.”

Yet as you travel the county you will regularly see deputies with various types of cameras attached to their uniforms and activated during uses of force.  Certainly, many uses of force have been booked into evidence.  Either the sheriff did not know this or refused to admit it.  We’re not sure which is worse.

We urge the Associated Press to follow up on the misstatements they have so confidently been given.