Sheriff A No-Show For Deputy Wounded In Gunfight

The ALADS Dispatcher reported in its January issue (click here and see page 63) that Sheriff McDonnell failed to roll to the hospital to see a Santa Clarita Station deputy shot on November 28.  Apparently ALADS had to remind the sheriff he should go see any deputy shot and hospitalized while acting on the department’s behalf–not just the ones that are really bad or where cameras are present.  Unbelievable…

Sheriff McDonnell is also known to not even calling deputies involved in shootings or serious uses of force.  One would think the department’s alleged “leader” would want to support an employee on one of the most traumatic days of their life…but, anyway, that isn’t happening.


Update on 3/15: We are heartened to see the sheriff bothered to visit a hospitalized deputy recently injured in a car crash.  We’re less excited it was yet another photo-op posted to his Twitter.

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