Sheriff Petitioning U.S. Supreme Court To Let Him Give Made Up List He Doesn’t Really Understand to District Attorney Who Doesn’t Really Want It

As you may recall, the Los Angeles Times published a report back in December on hundreds of deputies who the department felt may have credibility issues in court.  The department wanted to give the list to the District Attorney’s office but, since the department’s criteria for including someone on the list was ad hoc and the list was known to include errors, the DA wasn’t quite so enthused.  What’s worse, the LA Times could probably only have gotten the list from someone close to the sheriff, who leaked it intentionally (a violation of probably a number of laws).

When asked about specific cases in the list later in December, Sheriff McDonnell admitted he wasn’t really sure what all was there.  Yet he was pushing for its disclosure to the DA, anyway.

If Sheriff McDonnell is successful in his quest to turn over his made up list of things he doesn’t understand to the DA, it will importantly mark his first accomplishment as sheriff since being elected nearly four years ago.  Unfortunately, a federal court recently ruled sharing the list would break the law.

Not willing to let that stop him, the sheriff is now appealing that ruling to the United States Supreme Court.

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