LASD Assists In Taking Cop Killer Into Custody

By now of course we all know about the murder of Pomona Police Officer Greggory Casillas by a career criminal who had no business being on the street.  We are proud to see LASD and the Special Enforcement Bureau played a major role in resolving the incident.  As much as we all might have preferred the suspect to have been removed from his hiding place in a body bag rather than in handcuffs, it’s proof positive about how professional SEB teams are.  Those guys/gals are total rockstars and it says a lot that the Pomona Police Department trusted SEB to handle concluding an incident which had wounded them so deeply.

Having said that, we do wonder if it was appropriate for Sheriff Jim McDonnell to make himself the center of media attention, rather than Pomona Police Chief Michael Olivieri.  While the bear may go everywhere, it may have struck some as a bit “LASD to the rescue”.  Maybe we’re reading too much into it–but, to us, it just didn’t look right.

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