Check Out Sheriff McDonnell’s Sweet New $100K Ride!

In case you missed it, the folks over at did some solid (and sickening) reporting about how Sheriff McDonnell recently used $100,000 of taxpayer dollars to buy himself a sweet, rapper-caliber Denali.  And of course that’s before the light package, rifle mounts, subwoofer and any other wazoo gear they loaded inside.  Why was one of the Department’s hundreds of existing SUVs not good enough?  Just kidding–they were, he’s just wasting money.  Click here to see Surruo’s reporting.

As the LA Times’ Cindy Chang reported two years ago, how the Sheriff gets about town says a lot about him.  Just four short years ago, Sheriff Lee Baca was driven from meeting-to-meeting by a single driver in a Mercury Grand Marquis.  Meanwhile, LASD’s own Vinnie Chase, Sheriff McDonnell, relies on an entourage of 10 deputies and sergeants to fete him about the county in style.

Why Does This Matter?  It matters because it’s just the latest example in Sheriff McDonnell’s profligate spending of tax dollars and inability to prioritize.  First it was the belt buckles, then it was the vehicle stickers, and now it’s a totally unnecessary ride for himself.  All that money could have gone to buy new Tasers, to fixing or outfitting patrol cars used for crime fighting rather than ribbon cutting, or a million other priorities.  This matters.

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