Sheriff McDonnell Cooks LASD’s Disciplinary Books?

The folks over at have some explosive new reporting out today suggesting that Sheriff McDonnell is issuing discipline at least in part to make quotas.  This need to show that people are being disciplined–rather than just discipling people who need it–is a huge reason why deputies are getting involved in as little proactive police work as possible and crime is on the rise.  (The statistics don’t always show it, of course, because people are learning deputies can’t or won’t do much about the rise in crime, so stop reporting it.)  Other big take-aways:

  • Forty percent of departmental discipline is directed at employees working the jails–roughly the same as before the sheriff’s reform/leadership agenda went into effect three years ago
  • Weirdly, the percentage of various employee populations to be subject to discipline is effectively the same, suggesting that the level of misconduct occurring is roughly the same among lieutenants, captains and commanders as it is among line deputies.
  • There are over 1,000 internal affairs cases open on the department’s 16,000-ish sworn and civilian personnel.  That’s staggering.
  • Over 200 personnel are relieved from duty (e.g. “give us your badge and gun; you’re probably going to get fired).  Wow.

One thought on “Sheriff McDonnell Cooks LASD’s Disciplinary Books?”

  1. This is great. When I got this link through a friend I thought it a direct conflict with the site. Then reading through the articles it’s evident that it’s an unbiased, informative and factual site with corroborated information like the site. Love it! Nothing more do we want to expose this current regime being dictated under McDonnell. The reason he needs 10 drivers is, because he knows he’s hated by his troops. Keep the news coming. Hopefully you guys will figure out a way to exploit these sites to the upbeat large. I’ve already sent it to everyone I know. He can’t do shit to me, I’m not his employee. None of the deputy friends I have, have anything nice to say about him. I’m even pushing my union, the electricians IBEW to back Bob Lindsey who’s running against him. Push this hard guys, we as the public need to know this when we hit the poles.

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