Why Is The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Hiding Military Assault Vehicles From The Public?

It’s well known and prudent that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has a number of Lenco Bearcat and Medcat armored vehicles for regular use by the awesome men and women of its Special Enforcement Bureau.  Legit superheroes.  They use these vehicles to save and protect lives literally every day.

Virtually unknown, however, is why Sheriff McDonnell has secreted THREE military mine-resistant armored personnel carriers at Sheriff facilities away from public view.  One was recently photographed in the back of a secured parking lot covered by a tarp!  (See right–it’s a bad picture, sorry!)


Has the acquisition and outfitting of THREE of these $1 million vehicles over the past four years–designed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan–been disclosed to the public?

Entering the spin zone for a minute–we know if and when the sheriff is asked about them, he’ll say they’re being reserved for the worst-case-scenario.  A shooter with a bazooka barricaded in San Dimas!  A highway littered with IEDs in Santa Monica!  But have they been used?  Are they even easily deployed–since they’re hidden behind the Sybil Brand Institute or squirreled away by the firetrucks at Fleet?  What have they cost us to outfit (even if they were military surplus)?  What, at the end of the day, can they do that our numerous Bearcats cannot?  Does SEB train with these vehicles?  Because they’ve been literally hidden out of public view for 3-4 years.

At the end of the day, these are just Sheriff McDonnell’s toys, aren’t they?


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