LA Times Sues LASD For Violating Transparency Laws

Remember four years ago when then-Police Chief Jim McDonnell ran for sheriff as a reformist dedicated to increasing LASD’s morale and transparency?  Right, well none of that happened and, instead, Sheriff McDonnell has pampered himself with the perks of high office, has implemented policies to silence internal dissent and has stonewalled the public in the release of even mundane information.  Now he’s even being sued by the Los Angeles Times for routinely violating transparency laws.

“Over the last year alone, county officials have refused to release information about the status of homicide investigations, allegations of sexual misconduct against prosecutors and even mundane information such as email addresses for Sheriff’s Department employees,” the Times reports.

This as LASD watchdog reports that Sheriff McDonnell has been falsifying crime stats.  Not wanting to believe our beloved LASD has fallen so far as to borrow from LAPD’s stat-juking playbook, we spoke with several high-ranking department members in the past few days who also confirmed this sad, pathetic, dishonest news to us, as well.

“A sheriff’s spokeswoman declined comment,” says the Times.  Well, of course she did.

(I bet they actually wanted to say something but just thought it would be funnier if they refused to comment in an article about the Department’s willful lack of transparency!)

And while we’re talking about the Department’s awesome integrity and community relations, let’s give a shout-out to Carol Lin, the Sheriff’s “Director of Strategic Communications” who, despite carrying an “Executive Assistant” title on Transparent California, is actually a very experienced manipulator of the media and, as a result, brought home a cool $420,000 in total taxpayer compensation during 2015-16.  Not quite Division Chief pay, but not bad.  Way better than those stupid deputies, putting their lives on the line for $70K.

To read the full Times article, click here.




2 thoughts on “LA Times Sues LASD For Violating Transparency Laws”

  1. Carol Lin does absolutely nothing to earn that kind of money. She came from CNN where apparently she was paid less… There is NO REASON why a public information officer should get that kinda money. You dont need a spin doctor when you have true transparency.
    Under Baca, there was a captain, a lieutenant or Steve Whitmore, a few sergeants and a bunch of deputies working SIB. Seemed to work pretty well without Carol Lin. What’s Nicole Nishida doing? I think she’s probably working harder for less money. She should be pissed off… (Ok. She is. Ill stop stirring the pot)

    1. Exactly. They have no loyalty to the organization. They simply work there “reforming” until the next sheriff fires them. Carol Lin, Teran, and anybody above commander should be very worried right now.

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