McDonnell NOT A Candidate for LAPD Chief

In what will come as a disappointment to many at the LASD, we have learned from our sources that Sheriff McDonnell did not apply to be the new LAPD chief once Charlie Beck leaves office in June.  That means that LASD personnel hoping for reform can’t rely on him giving everyone the easy way out.  Since the chief selection process is driven by the city personnel department, there also doesn’t seem to be any hope he’ll magically airdrop into the spot later on.

So, we’re all going to have to vote, and get our friends and family members and strangers on the street to vote, on June 5.  Everyone at LASD is in career survival mode and afraid to speak out; that’s understandable–we all have bills to pay–we need to drive the change we seek.  We tried transplanting a kidney from a donkey into a human, but the body’s rejected it and if we don’t try something else, the LASD many of us joined and were proud of because it wasn’t LAPD will be dead forever.  It’s on us now.  Each of us has to take the handle for getting the people in our lives to vote for change–and to get their friends to vote for change, too.

The Los Angeles Times and Witness LA have more information about who is in the running for LAPD chief and who are perceived to be the front-runners.

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