Don’t Give Up The LASD Ship! Your Chance To Hear From Sheriff Candidates Next Friday

The three candidates for sheriff (including the LAPD officer) are being given an opportunity to speak to the ALADS board next week. This is a huge opportunity for you to hear from the candidates yourself–and hold their feet to the fire. Deputies are all very opinionated and good at complaining, but when it comes to actually showing up when it counts our record isn’t so hot. This time it really matters.

As the English statesman Edmund Burke said nearly 300 years ago, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Every single one of us knows multiple deputy sheriffs who have been fired of political, unfair or vendetta-driven reasons. Every single one of us knows of instances where department leaders–particularly senior leaders–have lied or destroyed subordinates’ careers to advance their own. Every single one of us knows LASD is going in the wrong direction and the only people who don’t seem to know it are the ones drunk on power, steering us into the rocks.

As of today, neither ALADS nor PPOA have endorsed anyone for sheriff. While we believe this is pretty weak sauce, they argue they’re in the middle of contract negotiations with the county and taking leadership positions as their members elected them to do might be controversial. It’s important your unions–and particularly ALADS–hear from you.

The union representing Riverside County deputy sheriffs recently took a strong leadership position in endorsing their sheriff’s main opponent, including throwing over a half million dollars of support toward his way. ALADS and PPOA could do this but, for now, have decided not to.

The forum will be next Friday, April 6 at 3:30 p.m. at the ALADS office conveniently located on many of your way’s home: 2 Cupania Circle, Monterey Park 91755.

If we learn that ALADS or any of the candidates will be live-streaming the remarks (as we’d hope they would for the benefit of all those deputies 10-8 or unable to make it), we will absolutely let you know.

The election for sheriff will be held on June 5.

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