McDonnell Faulted For Inaction on Prison Rape

In their first important article about the LASD in a while, the Los Angeles Times reports that the Department–nearly four years into Sheriff McDonnell’s term–has failed to meet any of 41 requirements in complying with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act. This news coming just a few months after news that a deputy sheriff at the Century Regional Detention Facility sexually assaulted numerous female inmates.

The law took effect in 2003 and mandated basic safeguards to curb sexual assault behind bars. As the Times reports, at least 400 county jails in the U.S., including 20 in California, comply with the law. The nation’s largest jail system comes nowhere remotely close.

“It’s a bit shocking to see that they didn’t pass anything,” Patti Giggans, a member of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, told the Times.

Although the oversight commission can make recommendations and issue reports, it has no power to force Sheriff Jim McDonnell to take action,” the Times reported.

“The women’s jail fell short of some standards because the department withheld documents,” auditors told the Times. This is noteworthy given McDonnell’s aggressive lack of transparency, including about deputy involved shootings, and manipulation of crime stats since he was elected on a transparency platform four yers ago.

Obviously, it’s not that Sheriff McDonnell wants prisoners to be raped or assaulted. It’s that although he’s sometimes a nice guy, he’s an ineffective leader (who nobody but the suck-ups immediately around him is following) and that he’s an incompetent manager. It’s that when you make a list of what he’s actually gotten accomplished in the last four years, it’s hard to come up with much beyond belt buckles, stickers, hurting a lot of good people, increasing crime, and spending the tax dollars he could have used to comply with this federal law on a luxury SUV and chauffeurs to drive it.

Sheriff McDonnell doesn’t want these inmates to be victimized. It’s that, as the headlines show, he’s simply not up to the task of doing much about it or leading the LASD more generally. He’s in over his head, he has been for a long time, and we need to get someone else in there.

To see the full report the Times article is based on, click here.

One thought on “McDonnell Faulted For Inaction on Prison Rape”

  1. Well i used to hate the sheriffs department. Because i come from family of criminal and that what we do. But one of my sons wanted to be a sheriff I’m like why? he wanted to make a difference. First he went to the Marine’s and then to the sheriffs academy. He did it all the when was doing this he keep his job at magic mountain then work out and be with his first love. He started working at wastside the sheriffs jail in the valley for about six months and he and his girlfriend the had they fallouts she was very jealous and go though his stuff and pick fight s and stuff she had his password to all his social media and stuff if he talks to other women she hit him and want fight him. He is very naive to this his first girlfriend and he trying to get away from us and be the good guy . it was just him and her he walked away from us .but he started cheating on her and would flip the script…i guess he didn’t feel comfortable with he would still see other woman . they was not married. He had his on place. She was at his house one nite and a condom in his jacket well all hell broke out . she went crazy on him hitting him . then she called the sheriffs and she is a have breed light darm near white . they been to since high school . that his first. Well they take him to jail…spouse abuse. He had to bail out.and he did. That wasn’t good enough for her . she call him and try and talk. He would. Call he to but there’s a restraining order out on him. She wants to talk so they meet up and she calls then again and this time he got changed with stocking her and he is in jail now . not only did he lost everything behind this girl . i would of never thought she would do this to behind cheating. I really like her at first. I feel so bad for him he dont deserve this not only that but the sheriffs turned on him to. He was ashamed of us his family and want to be a sheriff and they turn on him so fast. I cant believe this happened to him . all i want to is how can i help him get of this and still be something in life i know this hurt his career. Allbi can do is pray for the best there some good men left in this world. Now my other boy they doom and dont want nothing out of life .but my sidney he did and look what got out of this in jail. Lost everything and he feels bad and ashamed of him self.

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