LASD Removes Inaccurate Crime Stats From Website; Promises To Post Accurate Stats When It Figures Out How

Following up on citizen complaints that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had –apparently without public notice–removed crime statistics from its website (and stopped reporting them to, the Santa Clarita Valley Signal newspaper reports that LASD removed the data because it was inaccurate.

No word on if or when that data feed will be re-enabled, though the Department says people will be able to find manually-verified data on monthly.  It was unclear when this practice would begin or whether the crime statistics Sheriff McDonnell reported at a press conference several months ago were accurate or inaccurate.

“This recent change will ensure the Department provides verified official crime data to the public, on a regular basis and in a transparent manner.  This same verified data is also submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for inclusion in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) on a monthly basis,” a Department spokesman told the paper.

For more on the story, click here.

One thought on “LASD Removes Inaccurate Crime Stats From Website; Promises To Post Accurate Stats When It Figures Out How”

  1. This is a complete cover up. Captain Harris is lying to the public at the direction of Sheriff McDonnell. Here is how it works. A victim calls and says my car was stolen. A deputy responds and takes a report. The deputy turns in the report. A secretary enters the report into an instantly searchable department wide database so the stats are there in real time. It is COMPLETE NONSENSE to say the stats are inaccurate. Either a crime was reported or it wasn’t. Last December, the sheriff told the public that crime was down. He was called out on that lie and then mysteriously stopped reporting crime stats. THAT WAS LAST DECEMBER. What takes so long to “fix” whatever it is needs fixing. Ill tell ya whats gonna get fixed is, the crime stats will be cooked to reflect a lower crime rate between now and election day, June 5. MCDONNELL LEARNED THIS TRICK AT THE LAPD. GOOGLE LAPD AND THIS IS WHAT THE LAPD WAS CAUGHT DOING WHEN MCDONNELL WAS THERE.

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