At ALADS, Bob Lindsey Confident He’ll Rebuild LASD; McDonnell Offers More of the Same

LASD.News brings you inside the room yesterday when the three candidates for sheriff addressed the ALADS board seeking their endorsement.  Bob Lindsey spoke first, followed by Alex Villanueva and then Jim McDonnell.

UPDATE: LASD.News has removed the audio recording of the event as we were not aware it was not supposed to be recorded. However, there is an election going on and it’s important department personnel know where the candidates stand so we are continuing to include a summary.

To summarize the full 44 minute event, Jim McDonnell basically promised more of the same.  Alex Villanueva went on for over 20 minutes, mostly about how Democrats are turning away from McDonnell and toward him.  And Bob Lindsey told the board that although he intends to win with or without their endorsement, their support would dramatically increase the chances that the people of Los Angeles County will not be saddled with McDonnell for another four years.

We thought Lindsey’s comments were so on point that we’ve decided to excerpt them for you here:

You know…this election is 30 days away.  30 days.  Thats when the absentee ballots come in.  The last couple of elections, that’s when Baca won.  He won the absentees. It was over.

So, we have 30 days to convince the public that Sheriff McDonnell isn’t the right guy for this job.  He never has been and he never will be.

And I can tell you this, if I don’t prevail, you’re gonna live with this guy for a decade.  This department won’t be yours.  You won’t be making any decisions.  He’s going to do exactly what he’s trying to do.

When Chief Parks walked in to the Protective League, looked at ‘em all and said, “You know what?  You’re all going to do what I say or I’ll cut you down.  I’ll discipline you.  I’ll find a way to get you.  That was [McDonnell’s] training.  And you know what?  That’s exactly what he did–at Long Beach, and that’s what he’s done [at LASD].

I know you’ve all been paying attention and I don’t know why you’re waiting [to endorse]. Maybe you’re waiting because you think, ‘ahhh, this is going to go ‘till November.’  It’s not going to.  Its going to be ended in June.

And I’ll tell you: I’m going to prevail in June.

But here’s the sad part: if I miss it by 1% or 2% or 3%, that’s on this board.  That’s on each member of this board.  Because you know you could push 10% of the vote my way—at least.  Based on your skills, based on your money, based on your endorsement, based on the power you have.

And whether this board endorses me or not, I know I’ve got the endorsement of most deputy sheriffs in the field…

So I’m not here to ask for your support.  I’m here to let you know that I believe you should have already made a decision: that’s my position…

So, with that, I will tell you this: my team is in it for the long-haul.  In for the long-haul.  And everything that I need is already in place.  That goes for the ballot, being first on it.  That goes to me being the only person on the ballot with a candidate statement, because McDonnell underestimated my power.  That goes to all the churches that I have aligned, and the rest of everything that I have put together with the help of experts…

So I’m not here to plead for your endorsement because I think I’m going to win without it, but it sure would be nice if you stood up now.  It would be nice if you asked the deputies what they wanted.  It would be nice if you followed up with what the membership says, whatever it is, whatever they want.  That is my request to you.  They endorse McDonnell, great.  They endorse Villanueva, great.  If they endorse me, great.  But give them an opportunity to live their lives as deputy sheriffs knowing they don’t have to watch out for management more than they have to watch out for the suspects.  

God bless all of you.  I know that you have a tough job.  And I know there’s politics involved in everything.  But sometimes you gotta take the politics out and push it aside and you gotta say to yourself, ‘Is this really where we want to end up?  Is this really who we want running this agency?  Is it really worth sitting back and taking the chance that this guy could own us for a decade?

Thank you.

One thought on “At ALADS, Bob Lindsey Confident He’ll Rebuild LASD; McDonnell Offers More of the Same”

  1. I would have left it up. If you didn’t record it, who gives a shit. Did Ron threaten you with something? Lol.. No law was broken for gods sake. There is no expectation of privacy in a meeting where the contents can be disseminated.. IT WAS A FRIGGEN UNION MEETING WITH PUBLIC FIGURES. BUT, He just gave u props thought on FB..

    I’m very concerned that the web site referred to as LASD News is proud that they have an audio recording of our closed MEMBERS ONLY board meeting. Not because of anything that was said, but because I reminded the audience not to record.

    What kind of Deputy/member seruptisiously records other Deputies and shares it after!

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