Why Hasn’t Sheriff McDonnell Bothered to Set Up a Campaign Website?

Less than two months before the June 5 election (and a month before early voting starts), Jim McDonnell hasn’t even bothered to set up a real campaign website.  Literally all he has up over at http://www.SheriffJimMcDonnell.com is a fuzzy, old headshot and a donation button.

No positions on the issues.  No track record.  No list of endorsements, events or public appearances. No contact information.  It’s nuts.  Kids running for student council put more effort into earning the public trust than the elected sheriff of a county of 11 million people.

Meanwhile, McDonnell’s 2014 campaign website (which was up the last three years) recently expired and has been commandeered by a squatter, like a foreclosed house [in a non-LASD contract city].

There are two reasons a candidate for office wouldn’t set up a website: they don’t want to or they don’t think they have to.  Both are troubling because of the contempt they show for the democratic process, for real bonds with the community, and an unhumble sense of entitlement.

We think the reality is that McDonnell has spent his entire career in appointed positions. He probably didn’t enjoy running in 2014 and he doesn’t want to have to do it again.  The people around him have told him he’s safe taking reelection for granted, so that’s what he’s doing.  This is the behavior of an appointed manager, not an elected leader.  Of a chief, not a sheriff.

And we think, over the past three years, the community has noticed.

2 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Sheriff McDonnell Bothered to Set Up a Campaign Website?”

  1. Although I admire your pursuit of the issues, and holding candidates deferred to the fire, it’s inappropriate and unnecessary to denigrate any community in this effort. Our neighboring city of Lancaster has worked with us and our state legislature to address the squatter issue with registration measures, and with the real estate being scooped up faster than ever, squatters and foreclosures in the AV are way down and are older news than McDonnell’s website. Come on, you guys are better than this.

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