McDonnell Revoking Retiree CCWs

LASD.News received BREAKING news tonight that Sheriff McDonnell is requiring retired deputies who medically retired to prove to the satisfaction of department lawyers that they don’t have hand, arm, or shoulder injuries, and that their refusal to do so may result in the revocation of their retiree CCW permit.

Reportedly, retired department members have been contacted regarding this over the past several days.  They have been told: prove to the satisfaction McDonnell’s lawyers that the hand, arm or shoulder injury they sustained in the service of the People of Los Angeles County isn’t that bad or they’ll take away their ability to defend themselves from the criminals they spent a lifetime putting in jail.

Let’s be clear: these are CCW permits that retirees get in order to protect themselves after years of police work.  Yet the department reportedly now views them as treats to dispense at the pleasure of the sheriff and his lawyers?

Retired in Idaho?  Texas?  Wyoming?  Hawaii?  Better pack your bags for the flight to Monterey Park to show ’em what you got.


As we know, many deputies retire with injuries after years of driving around in a police car; after shootings, fights, traffic collisions or accidents.  Two deputies were shot in their arms in Lakewood’s area two years ago.  What about them?  Where does this end?  What’s next?

This is unconscionable.

Let’s also remember: those who leave the department with less than 15 years on don’t get a CCW at all.  They’re just told to kick rocks like a parolee.  And the way things are going–with hundreds of deputies relieved of duty and fired over the past three years (an 80% increase from the prior administration), and reportedly over 1,000 internal affairs cases open, if you are active on the Sheriff’s Department today: this can happen to you!

So, who does get a CCW?  Well, the sheriff (of course–though he already has an extensive stable of bodyguards, like a king or a sheikh).  And deputies who have never suffered an injury in the line of duty. Actually, most CCWs are going to judges and prosecutors, plus a smattering of rich people.

We have confidence in our many sources, but we pray this isn’t true.  Please prove us wrong.

Have you received one of these letters? Have you heard anything more about this?  LET US KNOW.

ALADS, PPOA, LASPA, SHERIFF’S RELIEF–what do you know?  Where are you on this?


11 thoughts on “McDonnell Revoking Retiree CCWs”

  1. I could be wrong, but I think there is a law which prohibits denial of ccw when honorably retired under no exception besides mental fitness, criminal conduct etc., A back injury doesn’t prevent you from accurately shooting a gun. Lets see if we can find out…


  2. Good information, thank you. Hopefully the law is on our side. Unfortunately, we are hearing that it IS 100% happening now–this week–and this is why it was brought to our attention. We don’t know what loophole they’re working–or if they’re merely making medical retirees prove full able-bodiednes in order to participate in the firearms qualification test.


    1. We think there are at least two issues here. The range staff does a weapon handling check, yes, and some people have reportedly failed that. The issue here is that—but also that the Office of the Sheriff is apparently sending letters to people with various kinds of retirements telling them to send in medical records, perform tests, etc. This is what a number of retirees are reporting. And beyond this, it really raises a question of what the purpose of a retired CCW is and where this all ends.


  3. have not seen or heard from ANY retirees who have received such letters nor any who have had there CCW removed????? time to put up!!


    1. Numerous retirees have told us about this. There was also an extensive thread on the LASD Facebook group (prompted by this story) where additional retirees said it had happened to them or people they knew. We are also hearing of people retiring medically at this very time, due to being injured by suspects, who are being denied the means to protect themselves.


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