Watchdog Questions Leadership of LASD’s Troubled Custody Division

LASD watchdog site has questioned the leadership of Custody Services Director Karen Dalton, arguing that she has not been held accountable for numerous significant and costly failures to occur on her watch, including the sexual assaulting of inmates and profligate spending.

In a lengthy and detailed article, the site alleges:

Director Dalton since taking charge has used her Friend of the Sheriff card to transfer at will ANY ethical lieutenant who has dared to take charge of implementing the 2012 reforms.  We know of six lieutenants who were not only transferred against their will, but banished to the most undesirable assignments on the department by Dalton.  Why?  Because Director Dalton thought they were ‘making her look bad’ by pointing out the management shortfalls, which by the way is their job to do.

As our department insiders have suggested, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY a civilian director can get away with the serial transfer of lieutenants WITHOUT the approval of a division chief…or higher.

Here’s a thought. Maybe if those lieutenants had been allowed to do their job, we wouldn’t be investigating the alleged deputy rape of two inmates

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