Corruption Alleged at LASD Crime Lab

In case you missed it, Surruo had another incredible piece of reporting out Tuesday about how the LASD’s world-leading crime lab has not had a working mass spectrometer since 2013 (CSI shit, used to identify minute amounts of chemicals/molecules left behind at the scene of a crime)–and has, instead, been paying the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to do its mass spectrometry for the LASD.

Surruo is alleging it’s very likely LASD has paid Orange County more in testing, transportation of evidence, personnel, etc., than it would have cost to just buy a replacement machine for itself.  And that this is mismanagement at best and a corrupt favor on behalf of Sheriff McDonnell to Sheriff Scott at quite possibly.

Surruo has a bunch of stuff linked directly from their site and we’re not going to steal their thunder, so we encourage you to check out their account.

Whether there was corruption or not, there can be no doubt of McDonnell’s disregard for the waste and misappropriation of public funds–whether it’s his $100,000 luxury SUV, $1.5+ million in chauffeurs, $300,000-$1,000,000 in belt snaps and buckles (once staff costs are included), $100K+ in decals, a $45,000 staff meeting along majestic Lake Arrowhead (*not* including the time of those in attendance, their transportation, supplies, etc.) , and the beat goes on.

A new mass spectrometer for the crime lab would have cost less than the snaps and buckles.  And who knows what LA County has paid (all-in) for Orange County to do our job for us?

Maybe someone will look into that.

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