Send Us Your Photos of Mismanagement at LASD

LASD, sort of like the Marines, has long been an organization proud to do more with less.

But four years ago, after a decade of leadership waste and neglect, many of us hoped we’d see more investment in our safety and comfort.  Despite huge spending on the sheriff’s personal luxury SUV and chauffeurs, on snaps and buckles and stickers and perks for the brass, most deputies still lack things that were basic at most departments 20 years ago.

  • Most deputies are driving patrol cars more than 10 years old
  • Many have over 150,000 miles, broken air conditioners, a gaping hole in the dash where the radio should be, janky brakes, no traction control, broken light bars (many which cannot actually affect a legal traffic stop in the State of California), broken sirens, etc, etc, etc.
  • Enough warning lights going off to send an epileptic into seizures
  • Jail cells that don’t lock
  • Patrol rifles still lack optics
  • *Still* no personally owned patrol rifles, well cared for and sighted in to their owner
  • Inadequate numbers of less lethal platforms, including Tasers, stunbag shotguns and Pepperball guns
  • Radio and dispatch systems that fail at least weekly, placing deputies and the public in danger
  • Uniform materials which have not kept up with modern technology

And it goes on and on and on.  The media hasn’t covered it and the sheriff–if we judge him by what he’s actually gotten done in nearly four years–doesn’t care.

But we do.  And we think that by showing the conditions we’re dealing with, we’ll start to see some change.  We need your help.

Please send your photos/evidence of mismanagement and neglect to Tips@LASD.News

If you’re scared of vindictive discipline from above over speaking out (as most people are), just head over to Gmail and set up a new, anonymous account; it’ll take you like 30 seconds.  We’ll also remove station numbers, vehicle numbers, street signs, and any potentially identifying characteristics or metadata.

If we get enough pics, we’ll set up a special photo album on the site just for them.

Here are a few pics that have been sent in to us or found online, just to get the ball rolling!  We know you’ve been taking pics of the pathetic mismanagement you see, too, and the only way we’re going to get any change is by making our disgust known.






Thanks for your help!

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