How To Vote For The ALADS Endorsement

LASD Readers: Please share this message via your social media and with your partners at work.

In order to make an endorsement in the race for sheriff, ALADS is requiring that 33% of voting members complete a survey for who ALADS should back or they won’t even count the votes.  While, yes, this is like three times as many people as voted in the last ALADS election, it is what it is and we’ve gotta respond in overwhelming numbers now.

All you/your partners need to do is go to and click on the Sheriff’s Election banner. Or just click here. Login and cast your vote. Votes will be accepted until Wednesday, May 2 at midnight.

If you have trouble logging in, call ALADS at 323-213-4005.

Why does an ALADS endorsement matter?  Bragging rights/credibility and money.

The candidate that gets the ALADS endorsement will be flying that flag all over town.  Who do you want to be flying the flag of the working deputy sheriff?

That candidate will also get financial support, which they can use to mobilize the public vote.  Money for TV and radio advertising, or mailers.  Who should ALADS’ money (which was taken from your paycheck) go to support?

Hopefully someone who has your interests (and those of the communities we serve) at heart.

Since ALADS is requiring 33% of deputies to respond in order to even count the votes, not voting is a vote for no endorsement/more of the same.

So, make your voice heard.  And make sure your partners do so, too.

And if you know any District Attorney Investigators, get them on the horn also!  Every vote counts–and non-votes count most of all!


One thought on “How To Vote For The ALADS Endorsement”

  1. Even though you ask our opinions, we know you agree with the Sheriff on everything. It feels like a set up. Just endorse a true conservative Bob Lindsey!

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