PPOA Stands Tall While Others Hide

For a profession comprised of so many Type-A, highly opinionated people willing to run into gunfire, it’s amazing how few are willing to make their voice heard when it counts.  This site included, as while we are speaking out, we are doing so anonymously for fear of departmental retaliation.

So, it’s noteworthy that PPOA President Brian Moriguchi came out Friday with a column highly critical of departmental brass and its continued inaction on the biggest issues facing the Sheriff’s Department over the past four years.

For those unfamiliar, the Professional Peace Officers Association is one of LASD’s three unions–this one representing sworn personnel at the rank of sergeant or above, as well as civilian professional staff.

Please click here to read the full column, but here are a few excerpts:

“What we need are Department executives willing to recognize problems and offer solutions (in other words, lead). Saying ‘there is no morale problem’ over and over doesn’t mean there isn’t a morale problem. Telling the Sheriff ‘there isn’t a morale problem’ and ‘things are great under your leadership’ may help you get promoted, but it doesn’t address the problems in the Department.”

*          *          *

“For many years, PPOA has been telling this Sheriff and the sheriffs before him that the Department needs to make recruitment and retention a top priority. We recommended the creation of a recruitment task force to address the problem. Our concerns fell on deaf ears until last year, when Sheriff McDonnell announced he would make recruitment a top priority.”

*          *          *

“Recruitment is only part of the problem. Retention is the other. We have seen a sharp rise in folks retiring early (before age 55). Many are retiring after the 25-year mark so they get the medical coverage in retirement. Many have said they are unhappy with the Sheriff’s Department or unhappy with the negativity associated with the job because of negative media coverage and anti-police sentiment. Some say they are fed up with the favoritism, excessive discipline and overall (mis)treatment of the employees.”

*          *          *

“Each day and each month the Department wastes before it implements real solutions, the bigger the problem becomes. My greatest fear is an employee will be killed falling asleep on the job because of excessive overtime. This fear should exist in every Department executive and motivate them to fix the problem! Let’s not wait until that day comes.”

*          *          *

“I would rather see Department executives take a chance at something and fail than see them sit on their hands for fear of failing.”

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