Lindsey Has Out Fundraised McDonnell In 2018

For better or worse, the viability of political candidates in our country is gauged by how much money they are able to raise. The willingness of people like you and me to open our wallets, and give the fruits of our labor, is the primary pre-vote measure of political support.

And by that metric, Bob Lindsey is 30% ahead of Jim McDonnell, according to numbers posted to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s website late Friday.

It’s hard to overstate how huge this is.  Because by the conventional wisdom, against an incumbent not headed to federal prison, it shouldn’t even be a contest.  And yet…

For the period January 1, 2018 through April 21, 2018, Lindsey raised a total of $153,517 to McDonnell’s $112,294. Alex Villanueva, who is also running, clocked in at $12,866, thanks to 11 reported donors.

For an incumbent like McDonnell—particularly for the Office of Sheriff–to be so massively trounced by a challenger *must* be unheard of in the history of Los Angeles County.  (Frank Stoltze, you’re checking this, right?)

And this is without including Lindsey’s social media presence, which numbers thousands of followers and likely millions of post impressions–to zero for McDonnell, who has no social media–because who’s using that, amiright?  (Unless you count LASD’s–but relying on that for your reelection would be illegal, wouldn’t it..?)

This is also without including Lindsey’s extensive community outreach–or Villanueva’s endorsements from Democratic clubs.

But back to the money.  In fact, about a quarter of McDonnell’s total donations came from his recent LA City establishment fundraiser at Galpin Motors on April 11, hosted by District Attorney Jackie Lacey, dry cleaner Steve Fazio, professional former FBI agent Brent Braun, and other rich people.  And yet even at that event, which raised over $29K for McDonnell, only four donors ponied up the maximum amount, while most kicked in the minimum (or less).  Telling, no?

Though McDonnell has approximately $206,000 in his bank account to Lindsey’s approximately $33,000, this reflects both that McDonnell raised approximately $200K more than Lindsey last year and that Lindsey has outspent McDonnell this year, presumably on choice advertisements already paid for and locked in.

While clearly, more recent financial support is an indicator of more recent actual support.  McDonnell now has just one month to effectively spend over $200K, when he wasn’t an attractive enough candidate to out-raise Lindsey during the last four months—as a supposedly–the smart people said–shoo-in incumbent!

Perhaps he’ll buy a couple Denalis.  A few hundred belt buckles.  Or the safety-enhancing training deputies have been begging for for years.

Defeating an incumbent is hard.  But out fundraising him is a pretty staggering start.  Stand by to stand by…

This is BIG NEWS.


2 thoughts on “Lindsey Has Out Fundraised McDonnell In 2018”

  1. Every job McDonnell has ever had was appointed. He won last time through the combination of huge media and public scrutiny and the fact that his opponent was headed to federal prison. In refusing to campaign he is highlighting his sense of entitlement to the public trust and assumption that voter apathy/inertia is all he needs to rely on. I thought that sort of behavior was exactly what we were trying to get away from four years ago.

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