LASD Mismanagement Cost A Little Girl Her Life

CBS News and LASD watchdog just reported that four months ago a little girl in Century Station’s area lost her life in an asthma attack.  Her family had called 911, but the call taker at Century Station hadn’t been trained to use the phone, so the fire department did not arrive until it was too late.  She died.

What happened is tragic.  But why it happened is a matter of policy.  And it’s inexcusable.

Because Sheriff McDonnell has–now over three years into his term–blown millions of dollars on himself while starving patrol stations and deputies of necessary training.

This makes us sick.

Maybe the deputy screwed up.  But not knowing how to use the phone isn’t his/her fault.  The Department failed to train them.  As it fails to train deputies in many aspects of what the public expects them to do.  Now, the Department isn’t even standing tall–but, rather, hiding behind a statement nearly five months after the fact.

This is LASD’s fault.  Our fault.  Our unwillingness to say so is shameful.  Neither the sheriff, nor anybody else, was even willing to appear on camera.

LASD.News voted for Sheriff McDonnell four years ago.  But people are getting hurt.  People are getting killed.  The public–certainly this child’s family–are losing faith in their Sheriff’s Department and their government.  He has lots of excuses about how “hard” and “challenging” everything is–but precious little in the way of the leadership the Department has needed for a long time, and results that our community deserves.  We need to get somebody else in there.

CBS News has the emotional story.

And Surruo has the story behind the story.  How this happened, why, and what the community can do about it.

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