At Least Five Things LASD Is Hiding From You Right Now

Although Sheriff McDonnell ran on a platform of “transparency” four years ago, he changed quickly upon entering office.  Within just his first few weeks he instituted a policy forbidding subordinates from voicing disagreement with him, he punished or demoted those who did (former OSS Captain Brackpool), and he has made obstructing journalists a hallmark of his term.

So much so that two months ago the Los Angeles Times sued to force the Department to release public records as required by law.  (A copy of the lawsuit itself can be viewed here.)

Unfortunately though entirely predictably, this lawsuit has had no impact on the sheriff’s behavior.  Here are several examples of the sheriff’s continued anti-accountability LASD.News has learned of recently:


Who’s provided more “transparency”?  Sheriff McDonnell in the last four years or this site–run by pissed-off deputies wanting a better LASD–in just the last week 24 hours?


One thought on “At Least Five Things LASD Is Hiding From You Right Now”

  1. Have you seen the updated executive chart? The crooked lady chief K. Mannis at ICIB/IAB is finally gone, as well as many other nefarious people. I would like to see Chief Johnson gone, he has been all over the map screwing people over. I bet he feels he has a chance of becoming McBuckles assistant chief, God forbids. Although Johnson and McBuckles share the same personality, they would probably get along well. As of April 29, 2018, as of July 2, 2017,

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