ALADS Reports No Confidence In McDonnell

The primary union representing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Saturday a vote of No Confidence in Sheriff Jim McDonnell exactly one month out from the June 5 election.

The results of the survey are staggering; with 1,423 deputies (about 20%) of deputies voting.  This is largest percentage of deputies to participate in a vote in memory.

In fact, 97% of deputies participating in the vote registered their lack of confidence in McDonnell.

“The underlying sentiments which drove responses should certainly be of concern to Sheriff McDonnell,” ALADS said in a statement. “In particular, the Sheriff should take note that this vote represents a loss of confidence in him by a significant number of his deputies.”

Although only about 10% of ALADS members participate in its annual elections, its Board of Directors required an unprecedented 33% of members vote in order for the union to make an endorsement in the election (despite the fact that it regularly endorses candidates without any member input).  As of the Wednesday cut-off, a highly-motivated 17.9% of members had voted. The voting was conducted through a secure login to ensure its credibility and was promoted extensively by ALADS and on social media and was in addition to two interviews with each candidate ALADS has conducted in the last six months.

These results illustrate clearly that whether or not Sheriff McDonnell was the right vote four years ago, he has alienated those he needs to lead (as well as many of those who previously supported him).  New leadership is needed to move the organization forward.

“When ALADS’ Directors and Field Representatives speak to members, they primarily hear complaints over the seriously flawed disciplinary system and the use of that flawed system to tarnish the reputation of deputies (even after the California Appellate Court ordered them not to do so),” the ALADS statement continued.

“Following close behind, are member complaints of harsh working conditions stemming from the staffing crisis and substantial shortage of deputy sheriffs, ending [the reassignment of detectives to plug holes in patrol, known as CARPing], the failure to provide proper training and equipment, stopping forced overtime which jeopardizes the safety of deputies, poorly planned scheduling, and inaccurate budgeting for positions. Correcting these issues will doubtlessly go a long way to making the L.A. Sheriff’s Department a place where deputies want to stay and attract new and desperately needed candidates to the Department.”


5 thoughts on “ALADS Reports No Confidence In McDonnell”

  1. Saw this point made elsewhere…

    If the needed 33% was reached, and the remaining votes needed went to the incumbent, Bob Lindsey would win the majority with the numbers he has.

    ALADS needs to reconcile the fact…

    1210 votes to bring the total number of members voting to 33%. If, for the sake of argument, all those votes went to McDonnell, lindsey would have still won the poll (1244 to 1302)…

  2. I’ve tried contacting ALADS, no concern for their members. Sassy replies from the prez. They know they are wrong, and the panic in their replies is evident. There was no vote for endorsing the sheriff, just Ronny telling the board this is what we are gonna do. They lost the faith of those 1300 deputies who aren’t being represented. Good luck next ALADS election, you’ll hear from those 1300 again I’m sure.

  3. Side note re ALADS. I was in Personnel when they started out of Lennox. I had an excellent working relationship with County Dept.
    Of Personnel. When LASD needed a reclassification i would meet with one of their executives and discuss the pros and cons. Usually winning and we would have the item. When ALADS first started they came in like good Lennox deputies and bulldogged their way around. Good maybe on the field but not much downtown. I lost all my credibility with County. All worked out over time. I transferred to Detective Division.

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