One of LA’s Largest Unions Endorses Bob Lindsey for Sheriff

One of the largest unions in Los Angeles County has endorsed reform candidate Bob Lindsey to be Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME District Council 36), which represents 25,000 public service providers across Los Angeles County voted unanimously to endorse Lindsey, according to a press release issued earlier today.

AFSCME represents nine Los Angeles County employee unions ranging from employees of numerous LASD contract cities (such as Bellflower, Hawaiian Gardens and West Hollywood), to LASD mechanics (who service Sheriff McDonnell’s luxury SUV as well as the decrepit hoopdees deputies drive), to county social workers, and many more.

AFSCME’s endorsement comes at the same time as the Association for Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs–one of the three unions representing LASD deputies–has announced an unofficial vote of no confidence in incumbent Sheriff McDonnell, a 91% vote for challenger Bob Lindsey, and–like Switzerland–announced the union’s own neutrality in the election effecting the fate of its members.

“I sincerely thank AFSCME for their partnership in supporting my candidacy and helping to reform the LA County Sheriff’s Department,” Lindsey said in a statement. “As Sheriff, I intend to assist unions of all coalitions within LA County, in whatever capacity possible, so county employees are never in the same position as deputies, where failure to meet and confer with management can undo decades of hard-won employee rights, destroy county families, and demoralize employees.”

Andreas Jung, President, AFSCME 36, said,“AFSCME District Council 36 is honored to endorse the only candidate that can rectify the internal and external failures of the LA County Sheriff Dept.  With a unanimous vote, we have put our support behind Bob Lindsey, who, we are confident will repair community relations, enforce the law with responsibility and dignity for all who live in this County, and ensure the men and women of LASD have the resources and leadership to serve the public.  Bob for Sheriff!”



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