Alex Villanueva Gets On The Radio

Retired Lieutenant Alex Villanueva, who is also running for sheriff, appeared on the Southern California Public Radio show AirTalk today (89.3 KPCC FM). Bob Lindsey appeared two days ago and a recording will be provided in a subsequent post. Host Larry Mantle was vague as to whether McDonnell had committed to appear–which is noteworthy since McDonnell blew off a debate co-hosted by KPCC last month and it’s unclear if he will be appearing at another debate next weekend.

After a strong opening highlighting McDonnell’s ineffectiveness as sheriff, the focus turned to Villanueva’s lack of management experience, which he spun as a positive. He and Mantle discussed a number of policy issues, including Villanueva’s restrictive attitude toward CCW issuance.

To hear the full 15 minute interview, click here.

2 thoughts on “Alex Villanueva Gets On The Radio”

  1. So McDdonnell blew off the ACLU. I would too. They are criminal defense lawyers. Nothing more. NPR? As far left as they lean you would have to put on rush Limbaugh to balance that boat.

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