Main Newspaper Covering LASD Spotlights Deputy No Confidence

The primary newspaper covering the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported Tuesday that deputy sheriffs participating in ALADS’ poll of who the union should endorse supported Bob Lindsey over Jim McDonnell by a count of 1,302 to 34. 

In its report, the Santa Clarita Signal–which does the most frequent and detailed reporting on the LASD (with at least four articles in the last week)–highlighted the deputy vote of no confidence and the reasons behind it. And it focused on the consequences of law enforcement applicants deciding to apply and work at agencies other than the LASD: morale is worse than any time in the department’s history; recruiting can’t keep up with attrition, forced overtime is through the roof, terminations and IA investigations are up ten-fold, and people just see a better future elsewhere.

“While the poll represents a completely unofficial result, it indicates the inroads that sheriff candidate Bob Lindsey has made in gaining support of the rank-and-file in his bid to unseat Sheriff Jim McDonnell,” the Signal reported.

McDonnell and his campaign (to the extent one exists) refused to comment.

For the full story, click here.



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