La Opinion’s Sheriff Race Rundown

LA’s leading Spanish-languge newspaper, La Opinion, came out with a rundown of the sheriff race today. Here’s an English translation and here it is in the original Spanish.

From our perspective, the article is very positive for Bob Lindsey (the first candidate featured) and for Alex Villanueva, who the article notes is of Puerto Rican descent. Villanueva said very little had changed under Sheriff McDonnell in the last three years.

“One specific thing that did change was the color of the plates [buckles] of the belts and other metals in the uniforms,” a Google-translated article quotes Villanueva as saying. “It’s the only change [McDonnell] made because all the programs, the practices, the policies, everything that was in the department under Lee Baca, McDonnell continued. Even the same corrupt people, not only kept them but promoted them,” Villanueva said.

Obviously a major focus for La Opinion was what to do about illegal immigrants in Los Angeles County and how much LASD should cooperate with ICE in removing them. Between sanctuary state laws (such as SB 54) and court rulings that law enforcement cannot hold onto people who by law should be released so that ICE can get around to picking them up, there are some things LASD can control and others it cannot.

“The cooperation with ICE is to take those people without allowing them to return to the communities because I never want ICE to reach the community, I do not want ICE to knock on the door of homes, I do not want them to go to the restaurants or be chasing anyone in Los Angeles County,” Bob Lindsey said, again through a translation. “I want to be the one who delivers [to ICE] to the people who committed crimes without putting problems in the community.”

Lindsey said he’s running for sheriff because the LASD is “in crisis.”

McDonnell is interviewed last and focused mostly on the need to improve relations with the community–something he was arguably elected to do four years ago.

The article concluded by observing McDonnell had failed to attend any of the debates for sheriff.

“Since the Sheriff nominees were officially announced, there have been two debates and both McDonnell has been absent. He said he had only heard about one that was announced at the last minute and was out of state,” the translated article said.

A third (and final?) debate for sheriff will occur this Saturday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ward AME Church near USC. No word if McDonnell will find the time for that one or pretend he didn’t know about it later.


One thought on “La Opinion’s Sheriff Race Rundown”

  1. Awesome, is there any way you could make a youtube video, featuring some of the stories, from McBuckles and Diana Teran (aka Diana Maria Leichnitz) down? The youtube could go viral, exposing these maleficent public workers…

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