Eight LASD and Election Updates

It’s been a busy few days in LASD and election news and we have summarized a few of the bigger updates for you here:

Lindsey Feeds The Troops at West Hollywood Station

Bob Lindsey randomly showed up at West Hollywood Staton with food the other night, like some sort of sheriff superhero. Here’s a little video of it Lindsey put out on his Instagram. We asked the Lindsey campaign for the backstory and they said he had just wrapped up a successful fundraiser nearby, had a bunch of leftovers and thought the deputies would appreciate the chow. Amazing.

Another Inmate Accuses a Deputy of Sexual Assault
Despite Jim McDonnell’s assertions that he has cleaned up and turned around LASD, yet another jail inmate has come forward alleging they were sexually assaulted by a deputy while in custody in the last couple years. This is at least the third or fourth such case LASD.News has reported on. In fact in this instance, the inmate alleges the assault occurred after LASD brass was already aware the deputy may have been preying upon inmates while in custody. And in related news, LASD.News reported several weeks ago that the department has dismally failed to comply with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act.

LA Times Lists Why McDonnell Is A Terrible Sheriff–Then Endorses Him Anyway
The troubled and out-of-touch Los Angeles Times, building upon its three-time endorsement of Sheriff Baca, endorsed McDonnell for a second term as sheriff.  In what is probably the least enthusiastic, most nose-pinching endorsement in its history, the Times wrote:

“Poor communication leaves the department aloof from the public. Workforce problems (low morale, an inability to hire) persist. As other law enforcement leaders around the nation assert leadership in solving pressing criminal justice issues, such as smarter bail policies and diversion programs for less serious criminals, McDonnell sometimes appears to be leading California’s forces of reaction and retrenchment. Changing times call for the leader of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department to take a central role in mapping out forward-looking public safety practices that emphasize rehabilitation and diversion from arrest and incarceration for people suffering addiction or mental illness; but the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is not currently among the groundbreakers.

There has been a discomfiting array of deputy misbehavior or worse on McDonnell’s watch. Consider, for example, the deputy alleged to have raped inmates at the women’s jail in Lynwood; the video of the deputy ignoring a call of “shots fired so he could talk on the phone to his girlfriend; the offensive racially charged emails sent by the sheriff’s then-chief of staff; the succession of shootings of unarmed men; the continuing deaths at the county jails; the charges against a sergeant for demanding sex in exchange for time off; the questionable purchase by an assistant sheriff of a car seized from a drunk driving suspect.”


And that’s without even mentioning the numerous instances unethical conduct, incompetence and wasteful spending detailed on this site.

Yet, nonetheless they endorsed this clown. Despite his abject failure to meet the expectations the Times set of him in their 2014 endorsement and their inability to make any case whatsoever for him this time around. Though the Times suggests they did not endorse Lindsey or Villanueva because they lack a broad plan for the criminal justice system, this does not stand up to basic scrutiny: both candidates have debated their plans at length in public forums (including this weekend) and on their websites; McDonnell has no plans posted to his website, has no social media presence, and has refused to participate in debates.

In our view, refusing to participate in debates should be disqualifying.

That this endorsement also comes on top of McDonnell’s refusal to participate in debates (including this weekend’s second and final ACLU-sponsored debate) or outline a vision for the future (while his opponents have) makes it all the more pathetic.

Should Bob Lindsey or Alex Villanueva prevail in the election despite the Times’ endorsement for someone they have nothing good to say about, it will truly call into question the Times’ credibility and relevance on LASD matters going forward.

Lindsey On Chinese-American TV
Bob Lindsey was on Chinese-American TV recently. That community is extremely concerned about the rising crime rate in Los Angeles County and the Department’s strained relations with the community. Here’s a link to that.

Lindsey and Villanueva Ads and Endorsements
Ads and endorsements for Bob Lindsey started popping up on the radio, on billboards along major highways, and in mailboxes countywide. Alex Villanueva was also endorsed by some more Democrats.

ALADS Newsletter Recap
The April edition of the ALADS Dispatcher newsletter is out. Here are the key take-aways:

  • Do not talk to supervisors about anything because they cannot be trusted under the McDonnell regime–though ALADS isn’t doing anything about it (p. 8)
  • LASD has long had a problem with deputies (and command staff) driving under the influence of alcohol and this continues to be an issue. Discipline is being stepped up, so everyone should be policing themselves and each other. While ALADS isn’t doing anything to protect you from Jim McDonnell, they are looking out for you on this–including providing free Uber/Lyft rides around the holidays–so this is a story you should read and that should be briefed. (p. 13-14)
  • ALADS has made dozens of endorsements for the June 5 election, without the need for 33% of deputies to sign off on them–except for in the race that effects you the most. (p. 29)
  • The Department continues to be short 1,500 deputies. (p. 32)
  • Congratulations to LASD Academy Class 427!  Hopefully not too many of you have already been relieved of duty pending termination.  (p. 64)
  • ALADS met with Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch Englander to discuss an effort to repeal Propositions 47 and 57. (Englander is a big McDonnell supporter and his brother, last we heard, does ALADS’ PR work.)
  • Despite not taking a stand in the race for sheriff on the grounds that doing so might cause McDonnell to retaliate during contract negotiations, ALADS seems to have made no/little progress with the county. (p. 81)
  • The Supreme Court is expected to rule in June or so on a case which will make it easier for deputies to drop ALADS for its failure to represent you. (p. 81)
  • ALADS discourages deputies from using personal body cameras, presumably because the department does not have a good record of dealing with its personnel in good faith.

Transient Arrested In Robbery-Turned-Murder in Rolling Hills Estates
An arrest was made in the murder of Susan Leeds, who was stabbed to death at the Rolling Hills Estates Promenade mall. According to detectives, Cherie Townsend, a 39-year old transient from Victorville, stabbed Leeds during a robbery in the mall’s parking garage. This is noteworthy because robberies have increased nearly 200% countywide under Sheriff McDonnell’s “leadership”, according to LASD statistics procured by department watchdog Surruo.com.

LASD Reserve Deputy Present for Recent Palmdale School Shooting
LASD Reserve Deputy John Johnston was working his day job as a school teacher when the recent Palmdale school shooting happened. LASD brass apparently tipped off the media as to his status as a reserve and NBC 4 has the story.


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