Bob Lindsey Lands Endorsement of California Reserve Peace Officers

Shortly after we reported last night that Jim McDonnell has utterly destroyed LASD’s reserve program in just three years, we learned that the California Reserve Peace Officers Association just endorsed Bob Lindsey to be Los Angeles County’s next sheriff.

Like many of us, CRPOA endorsed/voted for Jim McDonnell four years ago…but they’ve seen how LASD’s reserve program has been decimated, how its reserves and community are being abused, and have taken a stand.

The organization represents California’s approximately 6,200 reserve deputy sheriffs and police officers, including by representing reserve issues in Sacramento, updating reserves on news/law/policy issues effecting them, through legal protection, through significant training at their annual conference, insurance, and numerous other benefits.

CRPOA’s endorsement of Bob Lindsey is a testament that they get it.

If you are an LASD reserve deputy, you need to protect yourself–from LASD.

First, you need to vote for Bob Lindsey to be sheriff–and get everyone else you know to do the same. Don’t just tell them. Don’t just ask. Make sure they do it.

Second, you need to join CRPOAThey’re standing by you when LASD and its unions haven’t.

Third, you might also consider becoming a reserve member of the Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA). If you get into something, McDonnell will still fire you because he’s a terrible person, but until then at least you’ll get some discounted uniforms from PPOA’s in-house store.

Don’t join ALADS. They cost three times as much as CRPOA and won’t do anything for you. They won’t let you vote in their elections, you won’t get discounted uniforms, and if you get in trouble they’ll shrug and say you’re S-O-L. Several sources have told us this from personal experience. And after their failure to endorse Bob Lindsey despite the wishes of 93% of their most active members, they may not even be around in a year anyway.

Thank you to the CRPOA for standing with LASD’s reserves, and for standing with everyone fighting to make LASD great again.


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