Homicide Investigation Prostituted to McDonnell’s Re-Election; Murder Suspect Released Due to Premature Arrest

The reputation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department fell further into the abyss Monday when Los Angeles County prosecutors refused to file charges against Cherie Townsend in the stabbing murder of Susan Leeds three weeks ago at the Rolling Hills mall.

Townsend’s arrest was announced Friday to great fanfare at a press conference by Sheriff Jim McDonnell. And within two days she was free, with the District Attorney citing a weak/rushed case. Townsend is a transient from the Victorville area.

LASD Homicide investigators are the best of the best. They take their time and make arrests when cases are ready. Yet LASD watchdog Surruo.com reports that Sheriff McDonnell himself forced Homicide to arrest Ms. Townsend for murder before they felt the case was ready, so that he would get positive PR before the June 5 election.

Now a likely murderer is on the loose in the community because McDonnell wanted good press. According to ABC 7, she isn’t even being tracked or monitored. LASD Homicide is humiliated and the public is in danger.

Just pathetic.

Read about the whole sorry affair here.



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