McDonnell Is Looking Pretty Stressed-Out

LASD.News thought Jim McDonnell was in a pretty foul mood at the Executive Planning Council meeting yesterday and we can only assume it had something to do with LASD watchdog’s reporting that he’s reassigning detectives from investigating murders (plural) affecting people of color to re-re-investigating the fatal stabbing of a white woman (singular) in Palos VerdesWe don’t know, we aren’t involved, but that’s what sources are saying.

Or maybe it was because of the lawsuit that his failure to prioritize deputy training may have cost a life.

Or maybe it’s because of our coverage of the decimation of LASD’s reserve program…?

Each of these issues is a tragedy. But as department members and the community, elections are our opportunity to do something about it. The LA Times and media establishment have failed to hold the Department accountable, so we must.

Maintaining this website is exhausting for our team–but critical if we are hold our “leaders” in check. The hairline is receding and the grey hairs are multiplying. And we haven’t even hit the runoff yet.

Well, since in this new LASD we pass our problems up the chain*, here’s another problem:

Why is someone who has already been fined by the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission for violations of election law operating a probably illegal advertisement for candidate McDonnell on Glenoaks Boulevard in Glendale?  That is to say, a box truck wrapped in McDonnell’s face parked outside a warehouse, like the Hezbollah candidate for mayor of Beirut?

A panel van wrapped with ads for McDonnell was observed parked on Glenoaks on Monday. Other than being a blight upon the community, it wouldn’t ordinarily be that interesting except that the vehicle was festooned with a CARS 911 dealer license plate (a violation of 5200(a) C.V.C).


But, wait–isn’t CARS 911 owned by McDonnell pal Onnik Mehrabian–the Glendale used car salesman?

But that’s crazy, you’re saying! Mehrabian has already reached the legal maximum in his contributions to McDonnell. Yes, but his corporate entity (CARS 911) hasn’t. Except, about that:

What do we think the fair market value of a truck wrap/billboard on a major thoroughfare is? Well, being diligent journalists, it just so happens we’ve talked to some experts and have some thoughts:

  • First off, remember the legal limit for a campaign contribution is $1,500.
  • So, having said that, wrapping a box truck costs about $2,000. Maybe $1,500 if you get a deal. So, that’s the ballgame.
  • But pretending it’s not, what does it cost to rent a truck per day?  $100?  So, call it $700 per week?
  • Our sources are also telling us a billboard (which is what this is) in the Los Angeles area runs about $300 per day–or $2,100 per week.

$2,100 per week, plus $700 per week, times three weeks, plus the $1,500 wrap job, plus the parking tickets for no license plates, and you’re looking at a solid $10,000 campaign contribution from CARS 911 (Mr. Mehrabian) to Candidate McDonnell. Again–from a guy who’s already been convicted/fined for doing this. We’re looking forward to seeing that campaign finance declaration soon. (To report county election law violations, click here.) Or if you want to file a complaint with the Board of Supervisors you can also send them an email.

Drop the patch.


* By the way: Did anybody else notice that in yesterday’s press conference about the Mexican Mafia take-down, the sheriff declared that “approximately 250 LASD deputies and sergeants” participated in the operation? (You can see it here 13:26 in.) Kind of weird, right? What’s that about…? Since when do we emphasize that sergeants aren’t deputies? That’s not who we are. What LASD needs isn’t more bosses (we already have like 130 captains and above!). Or bosses who emphasize that they’re bosses. We need good bosses. Starting at the top–on June 5th.



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