Today In The LASD Police State…

Maybe it was the recent article by an LASD watchdog on how homicide detectives have been retasked from workable cases in poor areas to one in affluent Rolling Hills.

Maybe it was the report about how much crime has risen under Sheriff McDonnell’s command.

Maybe it was our recent dispatch on the decimation of LASD’s reserve deputy program.

We’re not sure.

But the transparency this site and other truth-tellers have provided to the community about what is going on inside the LASD has not gone unnoticed by our Dear Leader, who promised to be transparent with the community four years ago but forgot as soon as he had the power.

Disagreeing with the boss is already against policy at LASD. And so, too–as the department made clear in an email earlier today–is revealing anything the sheriff’s minders don’t approve. (See below.)

We will not allow LASD censors to demonize us or those who are defending LASD by blowing the whistle when it’s doing the wrong thing. Neither this site nor other media are reporting information about victims or suspects of crimes. We are reporting on matters of LASD policy, practice, priority, spending and abuse. Because if we don’t, nobody will. The mainstream media doesn’t care: they want to attack LASD or get access to the sheriff. Nobody cares to hear your screams.

We don’t enjoy having to share internal information, either. We wish the sheriff and LASD took responsibility for their actions. We wish they were open and honest with the community. We wish this site wasn’t necessary. It’s exhausting–especially after you’re drafted for mandatory overtime six times a month. But what choice do we have?

THANK YOU to our tipsters and to our readers. If you have information for us, know that we appreciate your bravery and want you to stay safe. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Think of yourself as living inside a police state. You are being watched.
  2. If you send anything our way, do not to forward it from your county email.
  3. Instead, copy/paste it to another email address from a non-county computer, or send a photo to
  4. Know that if you send us a photo, we will purge any metadata (such as GPS coordinates) from it.
  5. Also, be sure you’re using an anonymous email address, such as from Gmail. We do not need (or want) to know who you are. Maybe even consider using a VPN (Google it).

And for those outside the organization, here is the order we received from the Ministry of Information earlier today…


From: Sheriff Department Announcement

Date: May 25, 2018

To: All LASD Employees

Subject: LASD Special Message – Discussing Confidential Information

***LASD Special Message***


The Department has trust in each of you! Department members must be cognizant of the confidential information entrusted to them on a daily basis.  Information contained within Department databases, reports and files are confidential and/or sensitive and should not be communicated to others without a business reason.  Department members need to think twice before communicating about Department-related topics.

The official business of the Department is confidential.  Members shall only discuss or give official information to persons for whom the information is intended; as directed by a superior officer; and/or as required by law.

When Department members disclose confidential information, the rumor mill begins and will circulate even wider.  If someone tells you confidential information, admonish that person that confidential information is CONFIDENTIAL.

Members shall only divulge the contents of any directive when required to do so by the nature of the directive.  The content of any criminal record or other official information maintained by the Department shall be disclosed only to those authorized by state and federal statute.

The best way to stop the release of confidential information is by not repeating it to anyone other than Department members who have a business reason to know.  It is important to re-brief everyone, making it clear that confidential information must remain within the LASD.



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