Pay-For-Play? McDonnell Has Given LA Times Nearly $200K.

According to an LA County database, Sheriff McDonnell has paid the Los Angeles Times nearly $200,000 in advertising between this election and the last–including $60,000 THIS MONTH for what we assume will be a newspaper wrap or insert tomorrow or next weekend.

The LA Times has been in financial trouble for a long time and $200K could pay for 2-3 reporters for a year. Has McDonnell shoving cash down the Times’ knickers incentivized them to cover him more favorably?

We don’t know. Are politicians swayed by those who donate to their campaigns?

But we digress. What we DO KNOW is that the Times endorsed McDonnell, despite devoting their entire editorial to listing all the ways he has been a complete, abject failure. (That endorsement promptly went up on McDonnell’s website.)

We also know that despite this and other sites publishing nearly 200 articles in the last few months about LASD’s corrupt mismanagement, and a vote of no confidence in McDonnell by LASD deputies, not a single bit of it made it into the Times story this week apologizing for how little McDonnell has gotten done. What explains this?

It’s also noteworthy that the Times failed to reveal to its readers in these stories and editorials that McDonnell helps pay their bills.

Remember: Newspapers are a business. The Sheriff’s Department is a public trust.



8 thoughts on “Pay-For-Play? McDonnell Has Given LA Times Nearly $200K.”

  1. What sort of advertising? Recruiting? Sheriff’s re-election? Is the amount spent consistent with amounts spent by other Sheriff’s and PD’s in area? Does County government have a means of approving these expenditures? Are they budgeted?

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    1. It’s political advertising, paid for by McDonnell as a candidate (the result of donations to his campaign). It’s not county money. The question isn’t the source, it’s what it buys.


    1. I’ve sent my mail-in ballot already. I voted for Bob Lindsey & have supported him from the start. Encourage friends & associates to vote for Bob.


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