Commutation of Sentence Opposed for Deputy Shayne York’s Killer

On October 14, 1997, Deputy Shayne York was murdered during a robbery in Buena Park. Two suspects robbed a hair salon and proned their victims out on the ground. As they went through the victims’ wallets they discovered Deputy York’s flat badge and executed him with a bullet to the back of his head. After leaving they committed another robbery. They were later arrested by the Fullerton Police Department.

Kevin Boyce, who pulled the trigger, was sentenced to death. Twenty years later he is still on death row waiting for justice to be served. Because, of course he is…

Meanwhile, his accomplice, Andre Willis, was sentenced to life in prison so, naturally, is hoping to get out after 20 years.

ALADS has sent Governor Jerry Brown a letter urging him not to commute the sentence. You can view the letter by clicking here.

ALADS is urging departmental personnel to write their own appeals to Governor Brown, as well. An easy way you can do that is through this link.

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, which has the best and most frequent newspaper coverage of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, has a longer story about the effort to oppose commutation here.



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