Lindsey Endorsed by Influential African American Group

Bob Lindsey received the endorsement of the New Frontier Democratic Club, which is the oldest and largest African American Democratic organization in the State of California.

Sheriff is a non-partisan office and Lindsey’s positions and support are on both sides of the political spectrum. What is more meaningful about this endorsement is that it speaks to the support Lindsey has found in the African American community, which Sheriff McDonnell has been largely absent from for the last four years.

In fact, Lindsey has been highly critical of McDonnell’s failure to stand tall at a South LA community meeting in in February and then his public show of annoyance with the Civilian Oversight Committee for not better defending him to the community in his absence.

You can learn more about the New Frontier Democratic Club on their beautiful new website. Seriously, it’s a really nice website (waaaay better than Jim McDonnell’s) and you should check it out.

Alex Villanueva, who is also running for sheriff, has also received a number of endorsements from neighborhood Democratic clubs, as well as the county Democratic party. While these endorsements are noteworthy, we here at LASD.News find them (and Mr. Villanueva’s statements) more politically partisan than serious in charting a better path forward for LASD or building truly deep and enduring relations with the community.

And we wish Mr. Villanueva best of luck in his next run for La Habra Heights City Council–or State Assembly!



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