97% of Deputies Vote No Confidence In Failed McDonnell; 92% Want Bob Lindsey For Sheriff

Throwback Thursday!

It was just three short weeks ago when 97% of deputies registered a vote of no confidence in the troubled administration of Jim McDonnell after three years of rising crime, mismanagement and the lowest-known morale in the department’s 168 year history.

By a vote of 1,389 to 34, LASD deputies voted against a sheriff with a $2+ million luxury SUV and entourage, against belt buckles and stickers and $45,000 retreats to Lake Arrowhead; against corruptionpay-for-playillegal use of public funds, and middle-managers destroying deputies’ lives (or worse) for their career advancement. Against rising crime (and even more rising crime) and policies against disagreeing with the boss. Against lying to the community.  They stood tall for the Sheriff’s Department they–and our community–deserve.

With the same percentage of deputies voting in ALADS’ official poll as LA county voters likely to participate in Tuesday’s primary election, LASD deputies sent a strong signal that while they gave McDonnell the benefit of the doubt when he arrived four years ago, he’s been a massive disappointment and it’s time to try someone else.

In fact, nearly 92% of deputies said the right man for the job is Bob Lindsey. And you’ll have your chance to vote for him, too, this coming Tuesday, June 5.




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