LASD News Updates for Friday

THANK YOU to everyone caring enough about the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to check us out over the past few months. May was our biggest month yet, with 55,316 visits from 21,451 people during the month. With over 130 articles published to date (about 124 more than the LA Times published in the same period), we aren’t doing this for the glory or the money (and we only made about $20 off our ads). We’re doing it because we love our Sheriff’s Department and hate to see what has become of it. So we thank you for caring, too, and for keeping us going.

We don’t have any bombshell stories for you (yet) today–but STAND BY. There are a few COMING SOON. Until then, here are a few straight new stories to kick off your Friday.

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The June 5 primary election for sheriff (and everything else) is just four days away.

The LA City Attorney is launching a crackdown on illegal [cartel] pot shops in Los Angeles. Huh. Maybe someone should look at the county areas?

LASD released a phone app Friday morning. Though it comes about 10 years after the app craze began and current functionality seems about the same as what you’d do on the department’s website, it does look pretty slick at first glance. LASD.News will spend more time checking it out and post a review soon.

Bob Lindsey was endorsed by the Los Angeles Superior Court Clerks and Paralegals (Union Local 575).

Outgoing sheriff McDonnell pimped-out an entire academy class to his political campaign like a G on the Boulevard in this five minute infomercial which ran yesterday. McDonnell has a right to campaign. But because he failed to start two years ago and is panicking now, he’s obviously and corruptly using taxpayer dollars and departmental resources to campaign. He and his media handlers would have been told by reporter Frank Stoltze that the piece was about his campaign and yet McDonnell acted in an official capacity. Sure, politicians do this stuff all the time but McDonnell was supposed to be different.

The Board of Supervisors discussed a bunch of the Sheriff’s Department’s failures on Thursday, including Sheriff McDonnell’s continued disregard for the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

LASD.News continues to get reports of news reporters and private citizens whose requests for public records from LASD are being blocked until after the election. Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 7, newspapers, and regular people, all getting sandbagged. This is a clear case of (again) using public resources for political purposes. No transparency. The LA Times is suing Sheriff McDonnell for exactly this. And yet still they endorsed. Pathetic.

Milt Olin, 65, was accidentally run over and killed by an LASD deputy in 2013 while cycling in Lost Hills’ area. The deputy said he was distracted by his in-car computer and the county settled the case this week for $12 million. Olin’s family is now demanding the District Attorney re-investigate the case, alleging evidence has also come forward that the deputy was texting when the incident occurred.

LASD personnel have complained about the denial of medical care, slow and shoddy care from York health care for years.  The Professional Peace Officers Association–the better of LASD’s two main unions–is “deeply concerned with the number of complaints about York” and compiling a list of problems people have had with the company. If you have had  bad experience with York, please contact Brian Moriguchi ( with specifics–including dates, times and copies of letters which would make your experience irrefutable.


One thought on “LASD News Updates for Friday”

  1. Frank Stoltze is a POS, excuse my french. I posted a comment on his article, something to the effect that McDonnell was a liar, and most deputies wanted him out. I wrote that in a recent poll conducted by ALADS, the deputies union, out of over 1500 deputies polled only a little over 30 deputies wanted him as a sheriff. I wrote that over 1400 deputies wanted Bob Lindsey, that the deputies working for McDonnell new better as his ability to lead the department.

    I attached a link from this website. Well, as it turns out this 1st amendment warrior, erased my comment, and was not published. No wonder most of us don’t trust the “mainstream” media. Other websites from “mainstream” media have also either blocked me or banned me from commenting, only because I criticize their master, Jim McDonnell….pretty scary to say the least…


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