Your LASD Weekend Update

It was an action-packed weekend in LASD.News and we’ve got the highlights just for you!



The Daily News Explained Bob Lindsey and Alex Villanueva’s Case Against Jim McDonnell

The Los Angeles Daily News (which is actually part of the 11 newspaper Southern California News Group) ran a story about the sheriff race on Sunday mainly focusing on how Bob Lindsey and Alex Villanueva will do a better job than the incumbent. You can check that story out by clicking here. But here’s an excerpt:

“Robert ‘Bob’ Lindsey, a retired sheriff’s commander who lives in the San Gabriel Valley, and Alex Villanueva, a retired lieutenant who lives in La Habra Heights, vow to improve morale in the nation’s largest sheriff’s agency and say they are better equipped to usher in needed reforms,” reporter Brenda Gazzar began.

She added, “Lindsey, who retired in 2011, notes that the department’s violent crime rate has risen under the sheriff’s tenure. Incidents of violent crime rose about 9 percent from 2015 to 2017, according to Sheriff’s Department statistics. While Lindsey believes some of that is likely due to a state realignment law, he said ‘there are a lot of issues causing crime from inside the department and a lack of leadership.’”

Southern California Public Radio also did a piece on Lindsey and Villanueva’s challenge to McDonnell. It’s pretty meh but you can check it out here.

The LA Times On How Lindsey Has Out-Fundraised McDonnell


The LA Times also ran an article this weekend on Jim McDonnell’s surprising vulnerability to the challenge posed by Bob Lindsey and Alex Villanueva and particularly focusing on how Lindsey has out fundraised McDonnell.

“Once you’re sheriff, you’re sheriff for life, or so the thinking goes about an elected position that often receives scant voter scrutiny,” Maya Lau’s article began. “Two challengers to Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell in Tuesday’s primary election want to break that tradition, arguing that crime is up, deputy morale is dangerously low, and McDonnell, an outsider who had never worn the tan-and-green uniform, has mismanaged the department.”

You can find Ms. Lau’s article here.

And Speaking Of of Money, Jim McDonnell Spent $60,000 To Wallpaper The Los Angeles Times

You may recall we reported a week ago that Sheriff McDonnell had paid the Los Angeles Times $60,000, which we assumed would be for a wrap of today’s Sunday paper. Which is what exactly what happened. Here’s what it looked like:


We Honestly Have No Idea What Candidate McDonnell Did This Weekend

Because there’s nothing about his activities on his campaign Facebook (which he launched a week ago). But what we can see is that he continues to campaign using your tax dollars (the comments are amazing).

Bob Lindsey Took To The Skies

While McDonnell wrapped the LA Times in four year old photos and quotes taken out of context from perhaps the least enthusiastic endorsement in its history, the Bob Lindsey Air Force took flight to promote his candidacy for about eight hours up-and-down the coast from Malibu to the Marina. Apparently his website got so many hits (reportedly 2,500 per hour) they thought it was under attack, but it turned out they were probably just hits from people packing the beaches.

Alex Villanueva Went To A Bernie Sanders Speech

Retired Lieutenant Alex Villanueva, whose campaign has 464 Facebook friends, went to a speech Bernie Sanders was giving in LA on Saturday.

Bob Lindsey Was On KFI

Lindsey joined host Bryan Suits on Sunday night for a 6-7 minute interview. In case you missed it, you can catch up here (starting about 9 minutes in):

The Malibu Times Endorsed McDonnell

The Malibu Times endorsed Sheriff McDonnell for a second term because they say he’s doing “outstanding”. Which does awkwardly put them into conflict with the Los Angeles Times which said he was a total disappointment (but endorsed him anyway). Unless this is the kind of policing the Malibu Times is going for…?


Illegal Marijuana Grows

Though recreational marijuana may now be legal in California, it (and taxation of marijuana) has not stopped the expansion of illegal marijuana grows in our state and county wilderness areas. LASD’s own Narcotics Bureau actually does have a team that tackles these grows, as do agencies across the state. In addition to being criminal (and often operated by Mexican cartels), these grows result in significant environmental damage, including through the use of dangerous chemicals (rat poison, etc.), through diverting of scarce water supplies to irrigate the marijuana, and through the dumping of tons of hazardous garbage in nature. The San Francisco Chronicle has more on the problem here.

Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries

And in other illegal marijuana news, we saw a promo over the weekend that Fox 11 is going to run an investigative story Monday night on the number illegal and unsafe marijuana dispensaries operating unchecked within Sheriff’s Department patrol areas. We’ll post the story when we see it.

Three Suspects Arrested After Body Found

And finally, a week ago now (but we’re just seeing the news), deputies from San Dimas Station responded to a disturbance call. Apparently they found a bunch of blood at a house but no body. Then, two days later, a body was found in Azusa Canyon. Three suspects were arrested. Clearly, there’s quite a bit missing from this story and the LA Times has a bit (but not much) more on the story here.



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