Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries Rampant in Sheriff’s Areas; County Has No Plan. Bob Lindsey Says He Does.

Fox 11 news ran a six minute investigative report Monday night on illegal marijuana dispensaries operating within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. We understand from departmental sources that the sheriff and his PR team were none too pleased (to put it lightly) with this story coming out and may have even involved County Counsel in order to block it. Because, you know, politics first, law enforcement second…

As you will see in the news story, Fox identified illegal marijuana dispensaries operating within county areas a year after the Sheriff’s Department first identified them. With hidden cameras, they recorded dispensary employees willing to send pounds of marijuana (and likely cartel marijuana), no questions asked.

Click Here To See The Story

UPDATE: As a result of last night’s story, LASD.News has learned that Narcotics Bureau (which is responsible for enforcing these illegal dispensaries) has over 30 deputy and sergeant vacancies department-wide, due to Sheriff McDonnell’s inability to properly hire, manage or lead. 

You really have to feel for Captain Holly Francisco here, shoved in front of the camera like a Fleet lieutenant having to defend million dollar stickers he had nothing to do with.

“Wait, why am I in front of the camera? Am I about to get fired?!” she must have been thinking.

Worse yet, Fox then interviewed sheriff candidate Bob Lindsey for his assessment of the sorry situation, observing that Lindsey has “been sounding the alarm about these illegal dispensaries.”

“The county shares some responsibility in this,” Fox reporter Bill Melugin observed.

Lindsey’s view seems to be that cannabis is legal now and the Sheriff’s Department has an obligation to protect its law-abiding, tax-paying merchants, which are not dangerous, possibly cartel fronts.

“Legal cannabis businesses and collectives are currently subject to discrimination, lack of support, and push-back from the Sheriff’s Department. I advocate that the Department must instead act in partnership with the cannabis industry and support the establishment of standards and regulations to serve and protect under the guidelines and mutual covenants agreed upon by all,” Lindsey said in a March statement.

Supervisor Hilda Solis agreed. “I share my community’s frustration with the status quo,” she said.



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