Alex Villanueva Forces Weakened McDonnell Into November Runoff

A dark pall fell over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday night with the news that Bob Lindsey failed in his bid to become sheriff and that the department may be saddled with four more years of Jim McDonnell, who is viewed by many as destroying the department through his mismanagement.

That was definitely the mood on election night when LASD.News was working the field. Deputies were in a state of shock and despair, unable to comprehend the emerging vote count. Many confidently asserted the count must have been rigged. Many said they didn’t know a single McDonnell supporter. One said they know knew how Hillary voters must have felt. Another deputy likened the mood inside LASD to that of a prison camp. There was talk of an “exodus” from LASD to other agencies which are aggressively recruiting, though the likelihood of this may be limited by non-compatible retirement programs.

“The results may have been ‘a double surprise’ for McDonnell, who appeared to be confident and more focused on his daily responsibilities than on his re-election campaign,” Jorja Leap, a UCLA professor affiliated with McDonnell told the Long Beach Press Telegram.

The Press Telegram continued: “Not only will there be a runoff in November but Villanueva also received one third of the vote, which is significant, Leap said. And this happened, she said, despite McDonnell’s past performance of calming the turbulence created by the previous administration of then-Sheriff Lee Baca and Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who were both sentenced in connection with a jail abuse and corruption scandal.”

LASD watchdog observed: “Now that the sheriff has a record he must defend until November, we are sure things are going to get bloody. Since Sheriff McDonnell can no longer hide from public debate as he has enjoyed to this point, we believe he will attempt to phony his way thru to November running on a record which has largely failed.  One only needs to read the flaccid LA Times endorsement that pointed out McDonnell’s many failures to know this sheriff is vulnerable to defeat. To Alex, nobody understands how you made second place among opponents who out spent you by a tremendous margin, but you are clearly the only choice for sheriff.  Don’t let us down.”

And indeed that seemed to be the direction of things Wednesday.

As the grieving process has moved forward, the focus has shifted to what next. What will Bob do? What will his large, enthusiastic team do? Was Villanueva’s surprise win a vindication of his campaign, or mainly his strong Democratic affiliation and non-Anglo Saxon last name? How will McDonnell respond to being in a runoff against someone six ranks his junior? How will Villanueva come off on that stage? 

Though there are few answers Wednesday night, some hints are emerging.

Professional Peace Officer Association President Brian Moriguchi posted a video Wednesday promising that PPOA would aggressively vet both candidates and throw its financial resources behind its preferred candidate.

Meanwhile, deputies brought to LASD.News’s attention a photo posted to McDonnell’s Facebook page of ALADS President Ron Hernandez from 2014. This, of course, is noteworthy given Hernandez’ refusal to take a position on the primary election, despite deputies by 97% voting no confidence in McDonnell. ALADS did not appear to have made any statement about their intentions by Wednesday night.


In his own statement Wednesday, Villanueva seemed emboldened and confident:

“Considering the fact that Villanueva was outspent 50 to 1 by both his opponents combined, a forced runoff was a stunning upset for the embattled incumbent… Our message of ‘Reform, Rebuild, Restore’ resonated with the people of Los Angeles County,” Villanueva said (see below).

Lindsey also released a statement (also below), thanking his supporters.

In his post, Villanueva then extended an olive branch: “We appreciate the spirited campaign by Mr. Lindsey and his supporters contributions toward forcing the runoff. We both agree the Department requires a change in leadership now, a consensus confirmed by the voters.”

He concluded: “Thank you to all those who placed their faith in us and voted. And we hope by November, to earn the votes of those who did not. Again, thank you.”

McDonnell, by contrast, still had no statement posted to his campaign Facebook page by Wednesday night. Because he’s such a great leader…

We didn’t vote for Mr. Villanueva. And we encouraged you, Dear Reader, to vote for Bob Lindsey. That was then, this is now. Will Alex rise to the occasion? This is a promising, though early, start.






6 thoughts on “Alex Villanueva Forces Weakened McDonnell Into November Runoff”

  1. If after the final count is done on Friday, and crooked James is still below 50%, we need to unite with the challenger, we need to get James McBuckles out of the Hall of Justice. He has no idea what justice is, he needs to be sent to a constitutional school of learning, the one Diana Teran did not go to…


  2. Interesting how both you and surruo act as if I control the will of the ALADS Board and post outdated photos, of me to substantiate your mind set, yet current photos of your candidate with our previous failed leadership seem to be ok. I can handle the attacks, as evidenced by the fact I’m still here, but what is truly disappointing is that you have unwittingly become a pawn for the department by dividing the troops.


  3. Ron Hernandez, I have a few things to tell you in your face, stand by. I cannot right now, not because I fear you, but because I am not ready to win the argument. In time I will be ready, once you or the department cannot blackmail or intimidate me because of my vested interests. You are arrogant and quite frankly you come across like an ignorant thug. Right now you feel empowered because of your position at ALADS and because the sheriff is protecting you, in exchange for your loyalty. Things go around, we will see you in the next go around…


    1. Lol. That is a truly pathetic response and I’m confident most see through your smoke and mirrors. Name one person I have ever retaliated against, not in your opinion, but someone who has truly suffered from what I did?

      How does the Sheriff protect me, and please give me an example of said protection.

      We all know your soul desire is to blame me to turn people on ALADS. I’m ok with you shooting yourself in the foot, but it’s not fare to shoot others in the foot, with your gun!

      Last question. Does your posturing and threats actually work in your circle of friends?


  4. Ron Hernandez, as I stated, it is not a threat, I will expose you, in time, in the right venue and at my leisure. In the interim, grow up and behave as such…


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