Aaaaand We’re Back!

Photo Credit: LASD Twitter, which in no way supports or endorses this news site

After a couple weeks on vacation, LASD.News is back in action! Here’s what’s been going on:

  • About a half million early and provisional primary election ballots still needed to be counted after the June 5 primary. That’s just about wrapped up but the figures haven’t changed much: it’s going to be McDonnell vs. Villanueva in November. As of Tuesday night the numbers are McDonnell down 1-2 points with about 47.7%, Villanueva up 2-3 points with about 33.4% and Lindsey essentially unchanged since election night with 19%. The final vote tally is set to be certified on Friday.
  • What’s going to happen in November? Who knows. Despite being heavily outspent by both Lindsey and McDonnell and having far fewer vocal supporters or media/social media presence, Villanueva received a staggering number of votes. Given the political environment, there is every reason to believe LA voters may be interested in having a (first?) Hispanic sheriff–and one with more progressive policies than old school and disappointing Jim McDonnell. And–fueled by their belief that McDonnell is a bad person and destroying the LASD–many Lindsey supporters are likely to put their partisan politics aside and help fuel the Villanuevamobile.
  • We think it’s gonna be a pretty exhausting fall…
  • The ALADS board has approved a tentative new contract with the county and has put it to a vote of the members. It’s unclear if 33% of members have to vote for the result to be considered valid… :-/
  • Anyhow, here’s the gist of it:
    – July 1, 2018: 4% across the board raise
    – July 1, 2019: 2.5% across the board raise
    – July 1, 2020: 2.5% across the board raise
  • In addition:
    – Custody Training Officers get an additional 5.5% raise
    – Mental Evaluation Team deputies would get an additional 2%
    – Station detectives, another 2%
    – SEB, SED and Canine: An additional 11% raise
    – And qualification for the patrol retention bonus would be reduced from 36 to 30 months.
  • To participate in the vote, click here.
  • LASD watchdog posted a blog this week citing numerous examples of LASD “executives” under Sheriff McDonnell’s leadership committing dishonest acts and getting away with it.  (They like it when you call them “executives” because it makes them feel like people who haven’t sold their souls and those who work for them for a fat pension.) It’s a long blog but worth your time.
  • We continue to hear from numerous sources (including mainstream media journalists) that the Department is slow-rolling its response to public records requests, particularly those which may be embarrassing to the sheriff. We don’t think they can drag them out five more months, though… Stand by to stand by…
  • The Santa Clarita Signal did a ride along with Aero.
  • The Board of Supervisors approved $2.2 billion in spending to demolish Men’s Central Jail and build a jail for mentally ill and sick people in its place. Still, it’s not at all clear if the new “Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility” is housing the county’s mentally ill and sick, where our prison-level male inmates will go, or how this will all unfold. If the males go to CRDF, does that mean the women will go to Mira Loma (maybe 100 miles from their family/kids?).
  • In thanking the Board of Supervisors for his new $2.2 billion pen for mentally ill, sick and homeless people, Sheriff McDonnell said “I do not believe a jail should be a mental health hospital but that is increasingly what our jail system has become.” Such a leader. Such a reformer. Such fresh eyes……
  • Lots of troubling questions on this one
  • A recently-retired lieutenant from West Hollywood Station was arrested after it emerged he allegedly paid for sex at a WeHo massage parlor and tipped its employees off about law enforcement inspections. Many of the masseurs at the parlor were suspected of being undocumented. This while Sheriff McDonnell tells anyone who will listen about how much of an inroad he’s made in fighting human trafficking in the county…
  • A 35-year old chemist was murdered at Malibu State Park while camping with his kids. There have been several shootings in the area recently and a body was found dumped nearby in May. The investigation continues…
  • In other news about murders happening in previously safe areas, has the correct suspect been arrested in the Rolling Hills murder of Susan Leeds on May 3? Two previously arrested suspects have been released and that’s the last we’ve heard…
  • Santa Clarita Station Deputy Albert White is back on patrol eight months after he was shot in the neck. As LASD.News has previously reported, our understanding is that Sheriff McDonnell failed to roll to this shooting because its was late at night. We’re stoked Deputy White has recovered and is back in the saddle.
  • Mike Leum, who is a civilian assistant director of Reserve Forces Bureau Detail, a Reserve Deputy and it seems a massive self-promoter was profiled in the Los Angeles Times. We appreciate Leum helping to raise money for cancer, etc. But we are disappointed at the things we believe he has gotten away with while somehow remaining a department poster boy. For instance, numerous sources have told LASD.News that Leum was heavily involved over the last decade in stocking the Friends Of the Sheriff (FOS) program with wealthy and famous reserve deputies and that he was relieved of duty two years ago… We are unclear on whether he ever attended a legitimate academy or completed a field training program. You would think he would avoid the spotlight; you would think the department would avoid putting him in it. For these reasons and more…
  • An black actor has announced plans to sue the county after he was wrongly arrested for fleeing officers after a knock-knock burglary. He had apparently been positively identified by a deputy sheriff as the suspect.As with the case of Ashley Flores who died of an asthma attack after her family’s call for help was hung up on or misrouted, the man in this case says the Sheriff’s Department has refused to apologize to what happened.
  • Santa Clarita Station deputies recently recovered over 2,600 packets of cocaine on a traffic stop.
  • KPCC reporter Annie Gilbertson has announced that the department will be looking into allegations she reported in her REPEAT podcast earlier this year that a Century Station deputy had wrongly shot Tennell Billups and planted a throw-away gun. We’ve never even heard of such a thing (because we’re not living in the 1950s), but anyhow that’s happening…
  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has been criticized for using his security detail to run personal errands for him. We’re sure Sheriff McDonnell would do nothing of the sort. Cough, cough.
  • In the Los Angeles County Criminal Justice System Is A Joke News–and also out of Santa Clarita’s area–a man arrested in January for punching a deputy causing an injury (a felony) was sentenced to three days in jail (time served).
  • A Palmdale Station deputy was injured (and his Explorer totaled) when someone crashed into him. The deputy was okay; the suspect, not so much.
  • Back to Santa Clarita: Over 550 guns were recovered from an area felon.
  • A man stabbed on a Metro bus back in April has died from his injuries. His alleged killer, a 27-year old transient (go figure) has been charged with murder. #GoMetro

That’s all we’ve got for today. See you soon, dear readers–same bat time, same bat channel.


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