Times Says McDonnell Should Be Scared of Villanueva’s Strong Support

We hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th, especially everyone working the streets and cell blocks.

LASD.News was working a lot ourselves the past few days ourselves so apologizes for missing this one, but the LA Times had a long story a few days ago about Alex Villanueva’s surprisingly strong showing in the primary.

Click here to see the story.

“Had Jim McDonnell called me in February or so, I would have said, ‘What are you worried about? Look at who’s running against you. Relax,’” one political analyst told the Times. “I would have been completely wrong.”

The problem, of course, is that the analyst’s opinion would not have taken into account how much McDonnell is despised by the people who work for him, how disappointed Los Angeles County voters are by his performance, and how much they may be interested in voting for somebody younger, with fresher ideas…who isn’t another white politician.

“If I were part of the McDonnell campaign, it would certainly concern me,” another analyst told the Times. “Anytime you have spent multiples more [than an opponent] and then you end up in a runoff, it’s cause for pause and soul searching and concern.”

Except McDonnell doesn’t strike us as the soul searching kind of guy. Because he’s an aloof and arrogant kind of guy.

You can check out the story for yourself by clicking here.  But also check out this cool map the Times did of how the county voted in the primary.

While there’s a lot of McDonnell on that map (though most of it is bushes and dirt), just imagine how it might look if Lindsey backers threw their weight behind Villanueva and if Villanueva–who is a Democrat and, like Mayor Garcetti, speaks Spanish–had some money behind him.

(We think McDonnell was a Republican, is now an independent, and doesn’t habla.)

The LAPD decided 2018 wasn’t the year for a woman or a Hispanic police chief. But maybe it’s the county’s year for a Hispanic sheriff…?

Villanueva definitely seems to be the choice of the people LA’s liberals (and McDonnell himself) say LASD needs to builds better relations with.



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