Malibu’s Mystery Shooter

It’s been nearly a month since the shooting murder of Tristan Beaudette at a Malibu campground where he was sleeping in a tent with his two daughters. Now, a report is out that the Sheriff’s Department failed to investigate (or kept under wraps) nearly a dozen additional shootings in the area.

The LA Times reported two weeks ago that numerous previously unreported shootings occurred at the same campsite but were kept under wraps by the department.

Now, LASD watchdog is now reporting even more shootings have been identified and there is an internal suspicion that the shootings are related. (Shocker.)

Meanwhile, the campground remains closed to the public. (If the shootings aren’t connected, why keep it closed…?)

In related news, it has been more than two months since the stabbing murder of Susan Leeds in a Rolling Hills mall parking garage. After two separate suspects were released after being prematurely arrested, it seems that case also still remains unsolved.


2 thoughts on “Malibu’s Mystery Shooter”

  1. Deputies are by necessity linked together. Almost everything they do is a cooperative effort. Why are you alarmed that some choose to tie together by tattoos? You can’t say tattoos mean racisism, homophobia, etc. if you don’t look into your concerns professionally you will grab your own tail.


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