Deputy Involved Shooting in Pico Rivera: Here’s What We Know

Deputies from Pico Rivera Station shot and killed a male, Hispanic adult (identified by local media as Carmelo Pizarro) at about 1:30 this morning following a vehicle pursuit.

From KTLA’s reporting and the radio traffic (which you can listen to here, just skip to 16:27 in), here’s what it seems happened:

A deputy tried to stop the suspect for “502” (suspected DUI) and a pursuit lasting several seconds occurred.

The suspect crashed, foot-bailed and ran some distance holding a handgun. At some point the deputy opened fire (radio code “998”) but the foot pursuit continued several more blocks, with the suspect hopping backyard fences. Additional deputies arrived and set up a containment and after about 15 minutes residents reported a prowler (“921”) in their back yard. A deputy reported seeing the suspect running inside the containment.

Continuing to a different recording, Aero saw the suspect walking down a sidewalk and directed deputies to the man. Deputies arrived and the suspect ran again. Aero reported the suspect doing something with, or having something in, his hand. He hid behind a vehicle. Deputies pursued. Another deputy-involved shooting occurred.

A handgun was recovered, though the suspect’s angry and emotional mother told local media that she didn’t believe her son was armed. She did tell KTLA he was going through a “rough time” and his best friend was murdered last week.

LA County fire was immediately requested after the first deputy-involved shooting occurred, though was told to “stage” because the armed suspect was still on the loose. It took about a minute to ensure the suspect was disarmed before Fire was allowed to roll in to treat him. However he succumbed to his wounds.

The deputies were all okay.

Here’s more on the story from KTLA.



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