Jailer Savagely Beaten By Inmate at Lakewood Station; Shot by Heroic Deputies

Update @ 08-11-18 / 0015 Hrs: Radio traffic from this incident can be found here: first clip (begins at 28 min in); incident continues in this second clip. We’re left with two thoughts: first, this sounds like an absolute Donnybrook in the station jail. Second, check out these deputies (and one in particular) taking control of the situation and handling it. THIS is the difference between LASD and LAPD. Not to pick a fight, but while LAPD is all about rank and process and systems of accountability (blah, blah, blah), LASD is about ability, taking charge and getting the job done. And that is why you hear a deputy sheriff running the response here, not various levels of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, commander, chief and assistant sheriff stepping all over themselves over who is in command. Despite everything corrupt and broken and wrong with the leadership of today’s LASD, this radio traffic gives us confidence the beating heart of the real LASD is still alive (for now). The deputy sheriff, handling business.

*          *          *

A Custody Assistant at Lakewood Sheriff Station was savagely beaten by an arrestee today as the jailer was attempting to fingerprint him. 

Facts Below, But First Some Context:
While we don’t yet know enough about what happened and don’t want to jump to conclusions, it’s important to state that jail personnel and deputies are being assaulted by inmates far more often now than they were in the past. This kind of thing simply did not happen 3-4 years ago. This is because of the potentially career-ending discipline Sheriff McDonnell and his civilian/lawyer Constitutional Policing Adviser”, Diana Teran, are handing out after personnel get into uses of force. Criminals know this and it emboldens them. This is especially true given McDonnell’s campaigning for re-election on reducing use of force in the jails, however unsafe they have become for his personnel. While the jails may be safer for criminals, they are more dangerous for those wearing a badge. In fact, we understand Ms. Teran is at Lakewood Station right now–news that should come as a snake’s rattle to Lakewood personnel…

Here is what we understand to have happened from our sources and a press conference held by Homicide Lieutenant Corina:

  • The suspect had been arrested around 1300 hours for possession of a stolen car (10851 CVC).
  • After booking was completed, he was of course removed from his cell to be fingerprinted by the Custody Assistant (jailer).
  • The jailer’s partner had just left the jail to deal with some paperwork and was elsewhere in the station, so the jailer was alone. This is very common.
  • While he was being fingerprinted, the suspect (who we understand to be Pacific Islander, possibly Samoan), suddenly, without provocation and savagely beat the female jailer.
  • The jailer was able to hit a panic button, setting off an alarm. Lakewood Station dispatch personnel saw what was happening on CCTV and sent deputies to help.
  • The suspect stole the jailer’s Taser and dragged her into a cell by her hair, locking it behind him. Legally this was a kidnapping. He then essentially held her hostage in the cell.
  • Once deputies arrived, the suspect points the Taser at them through the jail screen, as well as reportedly at the jailer being held hostage. The jailer had been beat to a pulp and could have been killed, so deadly force was clearly authorized.
  • One or more deputies then shot the suspect. We understand the shooting was directed by the watch commander, though the deputies had cause to shoot without that (at least under current California law…). The suspect was hit several times but still did not immediately give up until he was subsequently Tased.
  • The suspect is in critical condition as of this article.
  • The jailer was savagely beat, with a broken orbital and nose, but should survive.

We will not release the name of the jailer or other involved personnel.

This article will be updated as we learn more information (which does not compromise the investigation).

2 thoughts on “Jailer Savagely Beaten By Inmate at Lakewood Station; Shot by Heroic Deputies”

  1. Sad state of affairs at the sheriff’s department, I am going to be sarcastic, but most likely Diana Teran the attorney handling sheriff McBuckles are 97, (at location). They are conspiring as to how many deputies will be relieved of duty, ROD, or in LAPD McBuckles’ lingo Unfit for duty, UFD. They for sure will ROD the watch commander pending a criminal prosecution for bringing a gun into the jail and attempted murder on the poor suspect.

    The female custody assistant will be ROD for letting the suspect get a hold of her taser. Diana Teran, the attorney, will argue, it was the intent of the watch commander to shoot the suspect because he allowed a lone female to fingerprint/ scanned the suspect by herself. The sheriff McBuckles is probably at the hospital apologizing to the suspect and offering him a cash settlement to act as a victim against the deputies. Yes, sarcasm, but not far from McBuckles reality…

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