Reformer Villanueva and Incumbent McDonnell Interviewed by Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Candidates for sheriff Alex Villanueva and Jim McDonnell recently sat for roughly 18-minute video interviews with the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

Overall, McDonnell seemed pretty annoyed to have to be there, but he answered the student reporter’s questions gamely. It was the usual unspecific, “but-when-you-look-at”, stay-the-course, “couldn’t be prouder” song and dance. Click here to see McDonnell’s interview.

For his part, Villanueva cast McDonnell as “an angry old man” who, like the Wizard of Oz, makes confident declarations that informed people know just aren’t true. That crime is down (when it’s up); the morale is great (when it’s possibly the lowest it’s ever been); that McDonnell has accomplished so much–a “sea change!”–when even basic things within his control remain undone (such as providing an adequate number of mental health teams). Villanueva’s focus, he said, would be on fixing specific things that would dramatically improve LASD’s culture and performance: getting rid of probationary employees who aren’t up to the job, rather than the current practice of going-along-to-get-along and making them somebody else’s problem.  He spoke of specific ways he would improve community relations, particularly with the communities of color that supported him so strongly during the primary election. To see Villanueva’s interview, click here.

While he doesn’t yet have quite the polish McDonnell has from four years as a politician, Villanueva’s answers strike us as specific, while McDonnell’s were, as always, vague, or just wrong, or put in the rosiest light. After watching both these interviews, it’s easy to see which candidate thinks things are going just great and which has the passion and commitment to change.

In just over two months, we’ll find out what the voters are looking for.


2 thoughts on “Reformer Villanueva and Incumbent McDonnell Interviewed by Santa Clarita Valley Signal”

  1. Watching the sheriff answer questions one can understand why he was kicked out from the LAPD and placed as a sheriff by the political class. Sheriff McDonnell lacks candor, vision, and direction. He speaks as if wants to be hired as a deputy sheriff, and practiced in front of the mirror with the script of his speech.

    He was just trying to hit the bullet points. This sheriff can be easily manipulated by the political hacks, attorneys, and of course the Tanaka associates who currently run the Sheriff department. I can imagine the sheriff in a death or life situation having to make a split-second decision. He would freeze and would want to consult with his attorneys before pulling the trigger to save his, or others lives. Pathetic to say the least.

  2. Well said. All so true. A lot of Tanaka’s bullies still run the joint & McDonnell letting them run the show. Start by draining the SWAMP!

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