Times Endorses Its Abuser

The Los Angeles Times, the battered wife of the failed Los Angeles Establishment, which has spent much of the last four years reporting about Jim McDonnell’s failure as sheriff, endorsed him for reelection Thursday. How unsurprising.

Because, despite the Times’ lawsuit against McDonnell for violating privacy laws, despite his frequent misstatements (lies) to reporters, despite the litany of reasons in their own endorsement why McDonnell has been a failure, despite our own list of reasons McDonnell has been a failure, despite apparently uninvestigated criminal acts and misuse of public funds, despite LASD’s inability to recruit, despite McDonnell’s profligate spending on vanity and inability to manage a budget, his anger issues, LASD’s hemorrhaging of new deputies transferring to other agencies (shout out to MCJ!), despite the parade of resignations and retirements and the undermining of the Civilian Oversight Commission … maybe, it’s all because he loves us?

This mere days after reporting that the LASD is arguably engaged in racial profiling. This days after McDonnell again refused to debate for his office.

Why? Because McDonnell has “command experience”. Whatever the hell that means. Whatever the hell that has gotten us.



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